Overwhelmed by Laundry?

I actually set ours on fire in the yard once. Had a big bonfire. 
Long story short, we had 3 kids, and then adopted two more kids who came with scabies, and it kept recurring no matter what I did and my husband, OF COURSE, was always deployed when we had another outbreak.  The kids, btw, were 2, 3, 5 but severely disabled, 8 and 9. Essentially, as long term readers know, we had 24 hours notice they were coming and they arrived 2 weeks before Christmas with nothing but a few outfits which were scabies playgrounds.  I had never even heard of scabies before.  At first when the social worker told me they had scabies I thought it was some  kind of allergy.  Cue hollow laughter.
In addition to homeschooling and parenting five stair step little girls, we moved to the country and had goats and chickens to care for, and the deployments did not decrease.   So, about the fifth scabies outbreak/husband deployment in a year, I went to the doctor again, in tears, asking him what else we could do.  He said if I wanted to be really insane about it, I could throw out our clothes and get new ones, steam clean stuff, and, once more, use the toxic lotion we had used all the other times.  He said that as though obviously I would not want to do all that other stuff, and he would just write me another prescription.  Silly man.
I decided Insanity was highly appealing and easier than resistance at this point.  I burned all our clothes and stuffed animals, steam cleaned the house, threw out other stuff, bought us each five outfits (Walmart, new), and at last we never had another outbreak.   We also insisted on no more gifts from the birth mother unless they were new and still in the package.  I felt really bad about this, but all the other outbreaks were rather co-incidentally timed with receiving second hand gifts that were none-too-clean from her.  I did always wash them first, and it is entirely possible it was just coincidence, but I was clutching to ragged little remains of my sanity by shreds of cobwebby, tenuous stuff, and couldn’t take the chance.
I also discovered that really, about 7 outfits was all we needed to make life simple, and one of them should be our ‘We are going to town so don’t let’s look like homeless hillbillies, ‘k?’ clothes.
We could have gotten by with three outfits for home and one for going out, except that far too often it was an emergency if I didn’t get one load of laundry done every day, and some kid had to run around with nothing on but a pinned towel until her clothes dried.  I needed a cushion for those nights I couldn’t get the laundry done, or those days when the stomach virus from Hades raced through the ranks.
Did I say long story short?  I, um, exaggerated.
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  1. Stephanie
    Posted February 14, 2017 at 5:42 am | Permalink

    Love it! I have occasionally thrown away potty training underwear when I could not muster the moral fortitude to deal with it properly — especially when I was pregnant with my next boy. By the time my last son was potty trained, that underwear had been on a plethora of little boy rear ends, so my guilt level was pretty low. Now thanks to the sanitize cycle on the fancy washing machine, I salvage a lot more clothing. I do get tempted to burn their shoes, but usually settle for lysol.

    I hope you are doing well in your new home. I always enjoy your posts.

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