Learning Is Hard Work

“Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham: “People’s minds are not
“especially well-suited to thinking….Thinking is slow, effortful, and uncertain.”
This means we tend to automatically rely on past habits and memories to guide our actions, and are less likely to think deliberately and deeply.
To further complicate matters, struggle and confusion are usually necessary for deep and transformative learning to happen, something that many students tend to avoid or incorrectly interpret as a sign of their ineffectiveness as learners.”
From the free online course ‘The Science of Learning, What Every Teacher Should Know.’

There is so much to think about packed into that small paragraph. It’s true we don’t like to think, which I suppose is why so many substitute thinking for feeling as though they were the same, or even as though feeling matters more than thinking.

Since we do rely so much on past habits, it behooves us, as Charlotte Mason explained, to help our children (and ourselves) develop good habits).

And also, the fact that something we ask of a child is not light and easy and as much fun as eating popsicles while dabbling our toes in the swimming pool is not ‘proof’ that we are asking something we shouldn’t. Sometims learning is really hard work. Worthwhile things often are.

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