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Guest Hollow Biology!: GH has taken the free CK-12 biology curriculum and tweaked it to be a comfortable fit for those who lean heavily creationist. Guest Hollow has also worked it up into a weekly schedule for you and matched biology labs with online resources, or the labs in the Home Biology text, as well as linked other options to read and do week by week. To be honest, I think the schedule is over-packed and there are some busy workish things I wouldnt’ do- but that’s the freedom of having so much work already done for you, it’s easy to adapt it for your own purposes and do as much or as little as works for you. This was a lot of work, and I really appreciate the way things are laid out (they have other curriculum, which I have not looked at). (she recommends using her program with a Kindle Fire)

Dr. David Menton’s Seeing Eye video (and others), online free at Answers in Genesis. YOu can also spend 8 dollars to download it, which is a bit steep at the moment for us, but, on the other hand, when you live in southeast Asia and have the lack of consistent, steady internet service to show for it, downloading might be the way to go.

Brandy Vencel, Are You Sabotaging your Charlotte Mason Homeschool? This was a fabulous read/reminder that principles and goals matter rather more than tools.
It’s not that tools don’t matter at all. It’s just that sometimes we get them all out of proportion to goals and principles.

In addition to Overdrive, where I check out e-books from my two local libraries back home and read them here in the Philippines, I also can check out books from OpenLibrary, no card needed.

Happy Learning!

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