News and Neuroses

Or, in other words, OUCH. I think I might try working on this. It’s a short read, and here’s an excerpt:

“If your Neuroticism is high or even average, you probably aren’t even aware that you’re imposing on others. For you, calling on people to be sad, angry, or afraid is on par with asking them to walk with their eyes open. And since non-Neurotics aren’t prone to complain, it’s easy to remain oblivious to their concerns.

Actually, as a self-identified non-Neurotic, I should say, “our concerns.” Though I loathe to complain, I can’t stand to see my people suffer any longer. Sadness, anger, and fear do not come naturally to us. We don’t “love to hate” things. And though we are happy to lend a sympathetic and constructive ear to your concrete problems, we don’t want to be part of the vicissitudes of your abstract offense.

I know Neurotics are highly unlikely to change their personalities. But it would be nice if you showed us non-Neurotics a little consideration. And we so rarely ask for anything! Without reproach, I ask you this: Please, stop trying to make us feel what you feel.”

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  1. JM
    Posted December 1, 2016 at 7:44 pm | Permalink

    Bah. He’s more than a little pompous. Sometimes things are good, and sometimes things really are bad and it’s not neurotic to talk about it. I have a feeling he’s always going to try to find the very middle no matter what… because he’s so enlightened. I don’t try to sway people to my view so I dont think I would fit his definition of a neurotic but something about his attitude really grates. Since when is dissiminating facts “trying to make us feel what you feel”? Facts are facts period and that’s a huge part of the problem with the younger generation – they are far more concerned with how something makes them feel than with what’s True.

    “a self-identified non-neurotic” – give be a break. Since when is that an economist’s area of expertise?

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