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  • Unless otherwise noted, books are free but this can change without notice. Doublecheck.
  • If you click a link and it doesn’t finish loading, just hit refresh. Sometimes the page just kind of hangs for some reason, I am not sure why.
  • If I don’t say, “I loved this book” or “I read this,” Or something along those lines, I haven’t read the book. I haven’t read most of these. I’m just your book bird-dog, sniffing up potential good reads.
  • I use various search methods to come up with titles. Then I read the blurbs, a couple of the best and worst of the reviews, and sometimes scan the free pages.
  • I screen out so many this way that I end up *not* posting more books I’ve looked over than I post.  And yet, still some duds slip through.

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FREE!! Dandelion Cottage– I’ve recommended it before. I wish it were better known. It’s hard to describe and do it justice. Essentially, it’s children playing house with a real tiny house which has been left empty for years. They get to know other people in their neighborhood and town better, help each other and some grown people and are helped, and it’s simply utterly charming. You want to read this. You want your little girls to read it. Little boys may be lulled by a read aloud, but I cannot see many of them sitting down to read it themselves. If you like this, and you will, you will also like:

Betsy Tacy Treasury, the first four book for 7.49- I love this set. My girls loved it. Your girls will likely love it as well. If you like All of a Kind Family, Five Little Peppers, the Moffats, the Borrowers, Baby Island, the Melendy series, those sorts of books, you will like Betsy Tacy.

Oh, golly! There’s a sequel to Dandelion Cottage for .99!

The Primrose Ring by Ruth Sawyer for free!!
Seven Miles to Arden, also by Sawyer, also FREE!
vintage BOOK with owls lettering

FREE!!! The Mystery of Smuggler’s Cove, recommended for 8-12 year olds, has lots of highly favorable reviews.

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans, by Edward Eggleston— FREE!!!!

FREE: The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson

FREE! Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know by Hamilton Mabie Wright. I really like his anthologies.

The Sword in the Tree by Clyde Robert Bulla is available on Kindle for 2.99. I had no idea!

A Lion to Guard Us, also by Bulla, 4.99

Wow- some of the Three Investigator’s Books are also out for Kindle, for just 2.85. Back when you were reading Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden, Encyclopedia Brown, I hope you were reading The Three Investigators series, too. They are the best of the bunch, the least formulaic of them all. Like the Scoobie Doo series, they often center around a mystery that is allegedly supernatural in nature, but then they find out the real story. Here are a couple titles:

The SEcret of the Haunted Mirror.

Mystery of the Flaming Footprints

The Mystery of the Invisible Dog

vintage BOOK with owls lettering

Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold
Reader Review: I hadn’t read a Madison Knight novel, so I wasn’t sure if I would miss anything, but my concerns were unfounded. “Sacrifice” read as a standalone with enough information that I felt as though I knew Madison Knight personally, without all the unnecessary “information dump” that some authors feel they need to share.

The mystery was well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. Every time I thought I knew “whodunit”, a new clue would arise which would make me doubt my investigative abilities. Though I love an unpredictable story, I hate when writers resort to trickery to conceal the suspect. Arnold’s style of writing was spot-on, revealing clues as her protagonist discovered them, making me feel as if I were part of the story in search of the murderer.

One of my favorite things about Carolyn’s writing was that she described the details of the homicide and gave me a behind-the-scenes look at a detective’s life without resorting to graphic or vulgar writing. Kudos, Carolyn Arnold, I look forward to reading your next novel.

Another reader says she quit reading when she saw the f word used so be aware.

vintage BOOK with owls lettering

Asgard Stories, Tales from Norse Mythology FREE!!!


Subject to change without notice: Free Titles were free at the time I copied and pasted the links. But they don’t always stay free. The older, public domain books should, because they are all in the public domain, but sometimes….

Shameless money grubbing: I thought this was common knowledge, but it turns out it’s not- these are affiliate links. If you click on a free title and download it, I get….. nothing.  If you click on a free title and while you are at Amazon also buy something else, I get….. something.  Depending on what you buy, it will probably be somewhere between 4% and 7.5% of what you spend (I don’t get a percentage on penny sales) but I don’t pretend to understand how all of that side works. People have tried to explain, but they start with numbers and my ears buzz and I can’t hear.

Also, Swagbucks remains my favorite source for free Amazon gift cards. And if you haven’t joined, please click on the link and join so that I can keep getting free Amazon gift cards because I am still shameless.  Of course, if you regularly shop on line, you can also sign up for ebates, and then always check ebates first, before you do your regular shopping. You can get quite a tidy sum back on the purchases you were going to make anyway, which is not a bad deal.  And then you can use the money for books- or for other things.=)

Don’t have a Kindle? : You don’t have to have Kindle to take advantage of these offers. You can read them on various free reading apps. I often read mine on my laptop if they are short enough books.  Or I will start there to see if I want to finish it later or remove it from my Kindle already.   If you’re curious, this is the Kindle I have, and I have used others and mine remains my favorite. Mine has Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi and I don’t have commercial screensavers.   Personally,  I don’t like Kindle Fires because I am a crank like that.

If you like these free listings, you should also like my Facebook page, because I list other free titles there several times each week.

Yes, my Kindle gets slow because I stuff it too full since I have no sense of proportion when it comes to owning books, both real and virtual.

You can left click on a title on your Kindle and delete it from your device, while still keeping it in your list of titles at Amazon in case you want to add it back to your Kindle later without paying for the title all over again. Don’t delete it from folder at Amazon unless you want to rid yourself of it permanently.  Now that I have my tricksy little new phone, I have added it to my list of devices to which I can download devices.  Woot!

commentary sources: Most of the blurbs and book descriptions above are not mine, but come from reviews on Amazon’s page.

To organize the books on your kindle

Thanks for reading!

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