Doing the Work He Has Put in Your Hands

The husband and father of the Saunders family died after a sudden illness, leaving Mrs. Saunders a young widow with a 6 and a 4 year old child to care for.

“Long days and weeks rolled around, and Harry and Mary wondered how papa came to go away and leave them, and why, if he was so happy in his new home as grandma said, mamma cried so much, and every body looked so sad, and why there was such a heavy weight on their own little hearts which nothing seemed to take away.

They had been sent away to their play-room one day because they plagued mamma, when Harry threw himself upon the floor in a passion ate burst of grief and wounded feeling. ” I don’t believe mamma loves us any more since papa went to Heaven. We never used to plague her,” sobbed the little fellow, as grandma raised him up. She took him in her lap, wiped away the streaming tears, and, gently rocking, suc ceeded in quieting him, and soon, with the easy forgetfulness of childhood, he and his sister were gaily occupied in deciding what should be bought with the half dollar Uncle Charlie gave to each yesterday. Of course so much money would buy any of the beautiful things they had

seen on Chestnut street, and Harry finally concluded to have a wheel-barrow and a drum, and Mary set her heart upon the splendid wax doll with blue eyes, and curly hair, and the lovely pink dress.

In the meanwhile grandma had found Mrs. Saunders in her room where she sat, silent and sad, alone with her great sorrow. A powerful plea in Harry’s touching complaint had been added to the arguments with which she had endeavored to arouse her daughter once more to interest in the things around her.

“Remember, my dear Mary,” was the parting warning, “that no amount of grief can recall the dead, and that by your husband’s removal a double duty falls upon you. Take care, lest instead of doing the work He has put in your hands, you be found fighting against God.”

Who can tell the fearful struggle with the powers of darkness which ensued, when Mrs. Saunders was once more alone ? The veil was rent from her eyes, and she saw with fearful distinctness that in her selfish indulgence of grief she had yielded to evil counsel, and that the spirit of rebellion against the High and Mighty One, who held her and all her interests in His hand, was uppermost. She saw also her own helplessness. How should she compel submission in a heart so full of complaints and upbraidings?

Falling upon her knees, she pleaded with strong crying and tears for the strengthening hand of Him who has announced himself more ready to bestow the blessing than we are to ask for it, and she did not plead in vain. To her was the promise verified, ” Before they call I will answer, and whilst they are yet . speaking I will hear.” She arose strengthened and comforted of God.”

~from Jack Frost, or God’s Finger in Winter, by Ina Hervey

Praying for all our readers, that whatever is going on in your life, you have moments of refreshing, laying your burdens at the feet of the Savior, and arise strengthened and comforted of God.

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