Day Five

Day 5- Sunday for us.
Made breakfast in the room: Rice, scrambled eggs, and longanisa sausage, which is sweet and slightly smelly, which we didn’t notice until we came back from church, and the windows had been closed up. Next time, I’ll just open the kitchen window while frying them.

We do still have the house we thought we had chosen, but we learned that the lady from school who is helping us is also still looking for one on *this* side of the busy road, just in case, and one ready sooner rather than later is better still. Here’s the front of it (they are really working hard on it):

And here’s the porch and patio area (porch or sala is covered and protected from rain and sun, but allows breezes through):

We went to church this morning by jeepyney. I think if we’d hit a bump, and some of the roads are quite bumpy, my son would have a concussion. He had to bend over all over again, like he did in the pedicab, and his head was still brushing against the ceiling.

Here’s where we went to church:


And here’s how the Cherub got down the non-ADA approved stairs:

We only did morning services because the traveller’s tummy has hit my husband hard today. Perhaps 40 people, very friendly, lovely people. The service was in a mixture of English, Visaya and the other one which starts with an I and I keep forgetting. My favourite part was singing the doxology, and us being the only ones singing in English.

I had not really been homesick yet, but there were several friendly little preschoolers and also there was an adorable baby behind me who played with my hair, and after church I held said baby, right around one year old, who hugged my neck and patted my cheek and I nearly cried for missing grandbabies and that’s all I will say about that here.

I am eating crisp fuji apples that cost about .20 each.
We had dinner with another family from the school. The Boy is going on a boat trip with them and some others in a couple weeks, and there will be snorkeling.

A family here are returning home rather suddenly so a lot of their things came up for sale very immediately- and they are newer things, so very good shape. We have spent slightly more on them than we budgeted for, but we should be spending less on the house than we had budgeted for, so it comes out even, or a bit ahead in the end.

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