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Will we ever be done with the political fall-out?

Will we ever be done with the political fall-out?

I wrote most of this in the wee hours and when I wrote it,  I still wasn’t sure who won. It had been called for Trump, but it looked awfully close in a few states. Clinton hadn’t conceded. Podesta was saying the votes weren’t all counted and they all needed to be.   I expected at best to wake up and that Hillary had demanded recounts.
I’m going to bed now, having heard a couple organizations call it for Trump, having seen the sweet tears of some liberal pundits, having heard that Clinton Campaign manager Podesta has sent everybody home saying it’s too close to call.  I could wake up tomorrow and discover the race is called for Hillary.

Many years ago a pair of sisters were being raised by their grandma, and they reached adolescence and began misbehaving.  Grandma told them they could either behave, or choose to go live with one or the other parent. She hoped they would behave.  She couldn’t believe it when they chose to go live with Mom a few hours away.

They had lived with Dad off and on when they were young and he came by from time to time.  They had not seen their mother in around six years.  They did not wish to behave.

And so, they chose their mom, leaving behind their grandmother, their baby brother, and all they’d known to move in with the relative stranger who had birthed them once up on a time.  This turned out to be not a great idea.  Years later, their little brother (who stayed with grandma because he was so much younger and not part of the ultimatum) asked one of the sisters why they had chosen Mom.

“Well,” said the older sister, “We remembered living with Dad, and we knew he was a flake.  We didn’t remember living with Mom and so we thought we’d take our chances.  We figured she couldn’t be any worse. That turned out to be a dumb assumption.”

That’s how I feel about this election.  I don’t like either candidate. I really dislike Hillary and all she stands for, and I know what her presidency would look like (I don’t trust the other branches of government to neuter a Clinton presidency as they should).

I have no idea what a President Trump is going to do.  None at all.  And I confess to a kind of wreckless, gleeful, curiosity which makes me lean toward preferring a Trump presidency just out of that morbid curiosity.

But morbid curiosity is not a sound basis for voting, which is why my vote was a write-in candidate.  And whenever I was tempted to vote Trump, I kept  thinking about my sisters-in-law and the decision they made and how that turned out.

A lot of people voted for the candidate they believed in of course, and some of them will be rejoicing in the morning, no matter who it is.  Let them rejoice.  They’ve earned it.  It was a hard-fought campaign. I hated it when Obama won, and I did not tell people not to rejoice.  I understood the excitement, even when I believed it was based on all kinds of mistaken ideas.  So go ahead and rejoice, if your person won, and if your person lost, don’t go around telling everybody else God is still in charge and Jesus is King.  It’s true, but it’s also priggish and a little pompous and a lot egotistical to presume you need to be telling others this. They know.

Nobody had to vote for the lesser of two evils in this election.  We could choose from a number of 3rd parties, or we could choose not to vote at all.  But we all have to live with the result, no matter how we voted, and for a lot of us, that means we will be living with the the greater of two evils.   Will it be the frying pan, the fire, or something worse?  Living with the lesser of two evils is still living with evil.  Or will we luck out and it turns out not to be so bad after all (whatever the result is)?

I don’t know, but I know somebody who does.  What’s done is done.  I will continue to point and laugh at the political circus because it is a circus and I have an irreverent sense of humour.  But I will also continue to love my family, serve God, crochet, read, write, think, sing, and live my life the way I think it should be lived as best as I am able.



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