Election Hangovers

These photographs of various reactions to the election were pretty fun to look at.

Remember when ‘elections have consequences?’ Peter Beinart does not.  The dripping condescension is slimy.  The comments are the best part.  Ezra Klein doesn’t get it, either. Of course.  Eric Zorn at the Chicago trip calls it an electoral tantrum (we have heard this before). Garrison Keillor sniffs at the ego of the uneducated (dude. This is why.) and charmingly conflates learning disabilities with being an idiot.  He’s brilliantly talented.  He manages to do that in a single sentence. I think that raw ego he’s talking about might not be where he thinks it is.

Californians threatens to secede.  That’s okay.  They also approved the recreational use of marijuana.

Remember when it was the most terrible thing in the world not to accept the election results?

As I drove away from my polling place yesterday, I was kind of sad because I didn’t like either main party candidate, and I was depressed over what a win for either of them might mean for our country.  There was a magnificent sunset to see, and I was driving west so I got to see it for a while.  I thought to myself that it was silly to be so upset, and I was thankful that I lived in a country where elections happened without bloodshed, where both sides peacefully accepted the results, where we had major elections with extremely oppositional factions, and no riots.

So, I was wrong.  We had riots. In California they set things on fire, broke windows, and marched in peaceful protests screaming ‘not my president.’

Yale students are getting exams canceled because they are so emotionally distraught over the results.

Rachel Maddow likens the election to being in hell.

Illegal immigration groups call on Obama to stop all deportations, calling those who merely enforce the law racists.  Why is protecting national borders and having an immigration policy at all ‘racist?’  This is one of the reasons why the word has a rapidly decreasing impact.  When everything is racist, nothing is.

Thousands of high school kids and their teachers walk out of school in Seattle to protest, saying he’s not their president. I’m thinking that if they have a civics class in this school, it’s taught by a marxist.

Hillary Clinton refused to concede last night even when it was obvious she had lost. She didn’t even have the grace (or perhaps the physical stamina) to come down and speak to her supporters herself. She sent Podesta, and he told the crowd to go home, and go to bed because it was too close to call. Significantly, minutes later she actually made a private phone call to Trump and conceded the race.  She made her public concession speech today only after she’d confirmed that she won the popular vote by a hair. Personally, I think that’s what she was waiting for. She knew she’d lost. But she wanted to be able to claim the popular vote. Some of her aides are blaming the staff members who let her set up a private email server. Maybe you should blame the poor judgement of a candidate who not only wanted one, but dumped emails, ignored subpoenas, sent classified emails to her maid to print them out and lied to the public and Congress about it all.  Just a thought.

Speaking of poor judgment- that sexual assault of a minor lawsuit that followed Trump around and was finally dropped right before the election?  The abuse allegedly occurred on Epstein’s rape island.  The Epstein now in jail as a pedophile.  The victim says she had no idea who the perpetrator was until years later when she saw Trump on The Apprentice, and that she ‘came to believe’ it was him.  Apparently that belief only became firm enough to act on when he ran for President. She says she just couldn’t have a rapist in the White House.

Trump was, according to law enforcement, ‘inserted’ into her charges, and that’s why they were dropped.  They had no credibility.  This is heartbreaking, because chances are strong that she actually was assaulted by Epstein and others on his island of evil when she was a child.  But there’s no evidence Trump was there. You know who did visit that island?

Flight logs show Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips on the plane that featured a bed where guests had group sex with young and underage girls.

Epstein went to prison for 13 months and was placed under home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution. He allegedly had girls as young as 12 years old on his 72-acre island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island, Little St. James, was called “Orgy Island,” and the girls there serviced Epstein’s friends.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/report-woman-who-accused-trump-of-rape-made-it-all-up/#w2yhPxCTC76KVfKx.99

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