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A Presentation From 5 y.o. Grand-daughter

She threw a cloth over a box to use for her podium and stood up and declaimed.  One of her aunts was there to record some of this off the cuff declaiming.  Fasten your seatbelts, my friends.  This kid is a kick: “This is a day of no funness. I am giving you information which […]

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Creator of video claiming Trump son is autistic apologizes

As you may have heard, somebody created a video montage of Trump’s 10 year old son on election night and accompanied it with an armchair diagnosis that the boy has autism. Rosie O’Donnell, well known for her ongoing feud with Trump, publicized it.  Melania Trump threatened to sue over this naked attack on her son, […]

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Links I’m Just Thinking About

Staying focused on what you are working on right now:  I hope to follow this advice.  Tomorrow.  Today is going to end in a moment or two with a Taiwanese drama veg-fest.  I have some tasks I really should get done.  Every day I intend to do them, and on the way I do other […]

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Charlotte Mason on modern education

“I am jealous for the children; every modern educational movement tends to belittle them intellectually; and none more so than a late ingenious attempt to feed normal children with the pap-meat which may (?) be good for the mentally sick: but, “To all wildly popular things comes suddenly and inexorably death, without hope of resurrection.” If […]

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Adoption from Other Places

Foreign adoption isn’t a panacea.  Sometimes we are far too quick to seek adoption when the children would be better off being supported in their home countries, especially when they are ‘poverty orphans,’ ie. they have parents, but the parents can’t find work and cannot feed them.  Moving to a new country with a new […]

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