Want a Crocheted Goody?

Some of these you may have seen before. None of them are suitable for small children who put things in their mouths.


Tiny coffee (or tea cups)- see the peanut?  It is there for scale.  Because doesn’t everybody use a peanut for scale?img_20160930_160911784


you only think you’ve seen this bookmark before.  I made another one just like the other one, only this one is a bit smaller.img_20161001_040615375


This one I crocheted in the dark at the theatre while NOT watching the eyeball scene during Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  Well, I crocheted during other scenes, too, but I finished this before the movie was over, and it holds a tea bag, making it a sweet gift to send somebody by mail.  I’m working on a couple others now, with the lights on.img_20161001_222415087


I cannot remember if I shared this one or not- it’s a cell phone charm for my cell phone.  It’s flatter, not so 3-D, but it still has a bit of crocheted coffee inside – a chain of about 3 or 4 stitches in length.  I love it.img_20161001_040548565

And, of course, tiny turtles all over the place.  Some of these are fatter, as you see.  Those are acrylic baby yarn.  The tinier ones are generally 100 percent cotton, although the darker one on the end, the dark green yarn is from a thrift shop and I have no idea what it was made of, but it’s itchy.  Of course, I don’t think anybody is going to be wearing it as a necklace against your skin or otherwise rubbing it on your skin, which sounds silly.  Turtles carry salmonella. I joke, I joke.

Except they do, or so I recall.  1475464946651-726707418


Close up of the itchy fellow on the far left. Itchy as he is, the shell is made of 3 different yarns, bits and pieces and ravelings I had leftover that weren’t really enough to make much of anything.  I could probably have managed a flower or two, but I am really liking my turtle period right now.img_20161002_211446923

Here’s another pic of my latest bookmark, the smaller coffee mug (or tea, yes, tea, we don’t want to make the tea-drinkers feel spare.  Whatever, maybe it’s hot cocoa!  The yarn is  for the beverage is acrylic and a pretty coppery brown.    My cell phone charm is also here, with a pencil for scale because I ate the peanuts.img_20161001_040930760


I think I have just enough of this yarn left to make one more coffee mug, but it will be a bit large for a cell phone charm, and I don’t have enough yarn to give it a tail and curly que in the same colour.  No matter.  I will figure something out.img_20161002_211602058


So, here’s the thing. We’re still fund-raising for moving to the Philippines.  I’ll send one of my little crocheted amigurumi projects as a thank-you token for every gift of 25.o0 or more this week (gift us with 100.00 and I’ll give you 4.  Offer limited to six per address,  because i am not sure I can crochet that many that fast).

Please include your mailing address and let me know if you have a strong preference for one of the mug versions, otherwise, it’s turtles, all the way down because I love me my turtles.  I can’t accept choices for yarn colours because I just don’t know what I’ll have.  I may get a wild hair to start crocheting armadillos or something.  Somehow, if I do, I feel like they will look an awful lot like turtles.  I’d also like to try some little birds, acorns, or pumpkins.  We’ll have to see what inspiration bites me in the wee hours, which is when I usually get an idea to try something new (to me).

Paypal is heartkeepercommonroom, the usual email server and suffix.


Nobody need feel obligated- just offering.  And of course, my crocheted projects are not done by an expert.  They are handmade by me, usually while listening to an audio book or watching a K-drama.  Or, you know, very intently *NOT* watching something or other.  Do not expect this to be county fair ribbon winning quality, but my heart is in it, almost as much as our hearts are already in the Philippines.

Last week we learned of some children already in school who have special needs.  Kids like 9 y.o. “JinSoo,” who  has dyslexia. The school admin tells us JinSoo is struggling. Her current teacher is doing the best she can, but she has 27 students in 2 grades (grades 3 & 4). Right now they do not have anybody with the time, skills, or background knowledge to help JinSoo learn the skills she needs to cope with her dyslexia. Every week that we are not there to help is another week this little girl is falling further behind and feeling like she’s just not good enough.

There’s ‘Abram,” a middle school student who hasn’t been diagnosed yet, but the school staff feel he must have ADD.  He struggles with organization and time management.  He cannot seem to get his work home, completed, and back to school. He is already failing a couple of his classes due to this, and will fall further and further behind without the help my husbaned can provide.

Most of the students are boarding at the school, so they also do not have parents helping them with their homework at night.  There are other staff who are willing and dedicated, but they have many students to help,  and it’s not their area of expertise.

We really want to get there soon so we can help.

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  1. Cindy
    Posted October 3, 2016 at 5:34 am | Permalink

    You’re making such pretty things! I’m still in the crooked, shapeless stage. I guess practice helps some people more than others. 🙂

    • Headmistress
      Posted October 3, 2016 at 8:04 am | Permalink

      I’m 54, and I made nothing but crooked washcloths for 10 years. So there’s that. And I still have trouble following patterns precisely.

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