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Crocheted bookmark

    After a week away from home, the first thing my husband asked me to do when I got home was to make him a bookmark, but one less feminine than the previous one, which had flowers at both ends and was a sunny yellow and white.  He requested darker colours and less feminine […]

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In upstate New York visiting family. Seeing many lovely things and places, and adorable grandbabies. And gryphons.   I like gryphons.  

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Watching the debates?

My opinion so far: Hilary is doing better. Unfortunately, I don’t believe a word she says, except the last about taking guns away from people without cause. Trump is flailing. All over the place. Incoherent at times. Biggest losers: The ‘moderator’ The American people I’m going to watch a k-drama

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1906 Coquettes

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“According to a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, nail-biting might just be indicative of… perfectionism?? Dr. Kieron O’Connor, author of the study, said “We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors may be perfectionistic, meaning that they are unable to relax and to perform tasks at a normal pace. […]

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