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Read This Now

“Because thinking and speaking well form the basis of existence in a community, rhetoric prepares you for every occasion that requires words. That’s why Tudor students devoted countless hours to examining vivid models, figuring out ways to turn a phrase, exercising elaborate verbal patterning.” From the very excellent How to Think Like Shakespeare.  You really […]

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Laughter Doeth Good Like Medicine

If you have ever studied another language, you’ll probably smile at some of these.  If you have tried to study more than one language or actually learned two or more, you’ll laugh so hard you wish you’d gone to the bathroom before reading these.  Language alert- in one of the early examples there’s an assault […]

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Remedies and tips, 1895

Boys and Girls who are now attending school, should bear in mind that if they expect to graduate with honor and distinction, they must refrain from the use of tea, coffee, tobacco, and all alcoholic stimulants. During the last sixty years no student of Yale or Harvard or other Eastern college has ever graduated at […]

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Kindle Books Because Surely We Can Never Have Too Many

Affiliate links. Books listed as free were free when I checked. Sometimes that changes. A History of Rome to 565 A. D. Kindle Edition by Arthur Edward Romilly Boak Detailed, play by play, ruler by ruler, vanquished people by vanquished people account of development of the Rome that eventually fell. Excellent. Confessions of a prayer slacker […]

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Crochet Therapy and Projects

I am not even remotely an expert or an experienced crocheter. Of course, if we define experienced as ‘has made a thousand lopsided, knotty washcloths and unraveled probably 834 of them,’ then, yes, I have experience. I think the unraveling and redoing was as valuable an experience as any other I’ve tried. Somewhere around the […]

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