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CMason, Books, Ideas, and the Teaching of Virtue

The instructed conscience knows that Temperance, Chastity, Fortitude, Prudence must rule in the House of Body. But how is the conscience to become instructed? Life brings us many lessons––when we see others do well, conscience approves and learns; when others do ill, conscience condemns. But we want a wider range of knowledge than the life […]

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coat of armor

Imagine you are a human straitjacket for a sturdy boy who is really stronger than you.  Imagine you have to be that human straight-jacket because he wants to give his brother a thrashing.  He wants to give his brother a sound thrashing in this imaginary scenario because his brother is going to tell you that he used a bad word (in their native tongue, not yours). You […]

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Er, Thank-you?

I have just been gifted two centipedes, carefully deposited in my open hands.   I was expecting maybe ladybugs.

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Nature Study and the Scientific Method


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Ledger Keeping

For some reason, the original link to this post is not working for many people, so I am reposting it below: Sunday I rode to church in the very back seat with the second oldest and the youngest the two hardest.  One is very affectionate and prone to multiple fits of sulks, one is not at all […]

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