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Learn how: Easily Identify Common Plant Families

Learn how: Easily Identify Common Plant Families: The plant kingdom is composed of a wide variety of plant species. It can be subdivided into vascular and non-vascular plants. Vascular plants are characterized by having specialized tissues (xylem and phloem) to transport food and minerals unlike non-vascular plants. Plants can further be classified as angiosperms and […]

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May, 2016 Books

 Little Heathens: Hard Times & High Spirits On An Iowa Farm During the Great Depression by Mildred Armstrong Kalish ~ This book was covered in a wealth of recommendations from various authors and papers ~ a great deal of raving and even a mention of “quiet lyricism.” My hopes were thus excited… and a bit […]

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Raising Flag

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CM on children and books

Click to enlarge, print, and frame if you like. (illustration originally found in Latchkey for My Bookhouse, 1922 edition)

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A Letter to our Unicornian Boys

We have a huge… um… year ahead of us.  It started probably last year to be honest, maybe with the birth of our 9th grandchild and his dramatic and terrifying first few days, a conference, houseguests, and Christmas with four boys and all the grandbabies (now 10!) and their parents here visiting.  two of the boys were Ukrainian orphans, 2 were […]

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