Don’t pass them by

In the story of the Good Samaritan, 2 devout, very religious people crossed the street rather than notice and attend to the wounded man in need of help. Please don’t pass these kids by.

orphan kids

Stop and look at their faces. Read their stories. Pray for them. Here are some kids who are about to age out of the system. this is the last chance many of them have to ever be hosted, to ever experience living as a kid in a normal family, even for a few weeks (don’t tell me your family isn’t normal. You know what I mean). AND, these kids have sizable grants already made toward their hosting!! 

We all know the story of the Good Samaritan. He did not pass by. He really looked. He stopped.    He bound wounds and provided medicines and provided a safe place for the wounded man to stay while his wounds healed. these children are wounded. they need help. Don’t be those people who just crossed the road and looked away because it was too much trouble, hurt too much, or maybe they had compassion fatigue or social anxiety, I don’t know. I only know these children need help, and we can all do something which could help them. Be Good Samaritans.

Good Samaritans would do something like one of these things:
Forward one of these  posts (or another one from the agency) via social media. It literally costs you nothing but a click of the finger and maybe some embarrassment (?not sure why people don’t share more often. It literally is the least you could do).
Consider hosting and then act.
Contribute something so somebody else can host.
Help out with somebody who is already hosting- donate clothes, drop off a freezer meal, a case of yogurt, a loaf of bread, five dollars, a gift card for the grocery store or a restaurant, a pass for a free skate night or a pass to the pool or _something._ Offer to come over and show a kid how to wire a lamp or sew a button or build a stool or decorate a cake (host parents won’t leave you alone with them- we’re not allowed, even if we didn’t want to spend every minute we can with our kids).

I know there is something you can do, and I know there is somebody who reads your feed who can do something to help these kids, too.

And thanks for reading. Not trying to be negative, but there is a sense of urgency here.

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