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I wish I’d said that

From an 1890 Journal of Education: “Sooner or later the classicist argues, “Whatever the value of science, it is not indispensable, for I am wholly ignorant of it.” ” My dear Sir, one longs to say, “you are the very man in whose interests I am arguing. It is you who would he so much […]

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Early Morning Meander: Boys & Reading

  “When we hear the words: ‘It’s a boy!’ we should immediately thrill to the expectation that our son(s) will adore being read to and will fall in love with books just as quickly as the other half of the human race.” When I read this sentence in Mem Fox’s fun and encouraging Reading Magic: […]

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Ideas for building narration skills

“What do you see?” is a good question to ask while playing outside, going to a park, looking at a butterfly or a flower. Asking “I wonder…..” why it looks like this? does that? what it’s doing? how it does that? what will happen next? how it got here? Bite your tongue and count to […]

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Great Grandmother’s Journal, week 2 of April, 1951

Roger is the youngest of her four children. He was a bit of a caboose, and seems to have been most able, due to age and proximity, to be a prop to his mother when their father died. He died the year before she started this journal. Saturday, April 7: Roger and I went over […]

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five free reads

The Women Who Came in the Mayflower by Annie Russell Marble (Author) Sample: Spring and summer came to bless them for their endurance and unconscious heroism. Then they could appreciate the verdict of their leaders, who chose the site of Plymouth as a “hopeful place,” with running brooks, vines of sassafras and strawberry, fruit trees, […]

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