Why Trump?

I wrote this Thursday night, the 3rd. Something happened and it disappeared and I could not find it again. It showed back up Sunday morning the 6th, in my drafts, for some reason. I feel like parts of it are already out of date or redundant, but parts of it are still useful, so I post as is, for beginning, and then I’ll add some more good commentary I’ve seen since.

First, I am not writing a post to support Trump. I don’t trust him. His plan to command soldiers to commit war crimes is chilling. But I understand the appeal, which is more than I can say for a lot of people who are arguing about him who should be trying to understand it themselves before they start the namecalling.

I feel like men who like him like him largely because he says he will push back on issues nobody else is even discussing, or wouldn’t be if it weren’t for him (immigration). But they also like him because he’s bold, brassy, brash, and even belligerent (the same reasons many women hate him, yes, I know there’s crossover, but in my fb feed, women complaining about his manners outnumber those complaining about his policies about 10:1). Many men care more about and admire risk-taking, those who gamble big, who at least try, even if they fail, while women care more about security- the safe choice. (Yes. Generalizations. But that does not make them false, *in general*.)

I think Trump will be a terrible President. Even the things he says he will do which I agree with are things I don’t believe he’s going to do anyway. But I do understand why many good people are voting for him, and from what I see almost everybody who hates him completely misses the point, both in guessing why Trump is succeeding, and in telling his supporters why they are wrong- and both of these errors actually increase his support and solidify it. Actually, I didn’t get it, either (and maybe still don’t, but I’m closer). At first I couldn’t see why anybody was discussing him at all- he was just a big joke. As his popularity grew, I slowly realized the joke was really on people like me, who dismissed him as a clown too easily. He knows what he’s doing.

And since most of the criticism actually backfires, driving more people that direction or solidifying their support, it would be better to try to really, honestly understand where people are coming from before calling them names, mocking the views you imagine they hold, and dismissing them altogether. Another error I see is when people criticize him for things we can equally, or even more so blame on other candidates and parties- he won’t repudiate donations or support from the KKK? Democrat Byrd *was* a highly placed member of the KKK and he never got as much grief as Trump. Biden referred to Obama being clean and articulate. Clinton? Hilary Clinton *started* birtherism and the Muslim whisper campaign against Obama. And Obama sat for years under the racist, anti-American preaching of a black supremacist and nobody batted an eye. My personal favorite is when people bluster a criticism without realizing they actually have merely voiced another reason to work on ushering in the Trumpening. I heard one guy actually say, ‘he’s tearing apart the GOP’ like everybody would agree with him that was a bad thing, when many Trump supporters actually think it’s long past time for the GOP to complete its self destruction, cannibalize itself and die. So it’s a feature, not a bug. (I don’t think he’s the cause- he’s the result of years of the GOP disdaining its base, using and discarding them, and changing the rules so another REagan could never again slip through. Great going, GOP. Yay, you).

Romney’s attack very nearly convinced me to vote for trump. I don’t know who thought having Romney explain why people who like Trump are stupid was a good idea or why (I wonder if it was Trump!)

So WHY? Well, here is one explanation from a black voter who explains what he sees in Trump.

Glenn Reynolds sees it as something of a class revolt/preference cascade.
And Douglas Wilson, who holds no interest in a Trump Presidency, comes close to getting it, in scathing humour that is his hallmark. Here’s a sample: “The population that is in revolt knows that the ruling class holds them to be rubes and cornpones, the great unwashed, poorly-educated, and so on…. The bottom line is that the people running the country, through politics, entertainment, the media, and so on, think that you there in the Middle America — are stupid. And this is the revolt against all that.

Now someone might say that if you are revolting against the idea that smart people think you are stupid, then selecting Trump as your leader scarcely makes your point. But Trump is not the counterpoint in an argument in a paneled seminar room. Trump is a wrecking ball. It doesn’t really matter, the thinking goes, at the end of the day, if all the people you just defenestrated still think you are stupid. Let them think that, just so long as they fit through the window.” (You really wanna read all of it)

This article explains more of what people are missing, very well, especially when calling your friends racists. And stop doing that, already. You’ve used the word until it’s threadbare and you imagine it covers almost anything, when in fact, it’s a tattered,washed out, ridiculous excuse for an argument and covers nothing. It’s losing its power because you’ve used it like the boy who cried wolf. Nobody believes it anymore and even if it happens to be true, and increasing number of people no longer care- it’s not because they all think racism is okay, it’s because they don’t believe the left has any judgement whatsoever.

That brings me to probably my favourite explanation of what’s happening is this series of tweets about preference cascades by Clarkhat. Honestly, must reading.

finally, This.

Me? I am mulling over 4 5 choices:
1. abstain. the line-up is that repugnant to me.

2. Cruz

3. Libertarian candidate

4. write-in: ?

5. Trump


Now this is good:

Donald Trump is the fault of the GOP elite, including movement conservatives, who failed to listen, who failed to follow through, who thought we were meant to lead the benighted past their narrow self-interests and unseemly prejudices to a wonderful new world reflecting our benevolent self-interests and elite prejudices. Funny how the conservative, globalized utopia we sought to impose always worked out really well for us. Except those left behind aren’t laughing.

Trumpism isn’t merely about unfocused anger – it would be super-convenient to write this off as a temper tantrum that will soon blow over and allow us to get back to the business as usual of ignoring the pleas (which are now demands) to stop the immigration disaster, to address the fallout of free trade, and to stop the useless sacrifice of our sons and daughters in wars we’re too damn gutless to win. But it isn’t. Again and again Republicans promised to solve these problems and yet every single time they’ve lied. Rubio got elected in Florida promising to oppose amnesty then not only fails to do so but stands up with the Democrats and did the exact opposite. And we’re surprised a candidate comes along and points that out?

These folks have been asking us for help, and what was our response? Shut up, stupid racists. Well, they finally found someone who is taking their side. His name is Donald Trump, and we made him possible. Hell, we made him inevitable.

Those of you are more upset about Trump this election than you were about Romney, you are part of the reason we *have* Trump.


Those of us who are more upset about Trump than we were about anybody since Reagan: we are part of the reason we have Trump.


Okay, one more thing- this is pretty funny.  Except for the dishonesty about how reporters never sit on explosive stories.  We know for a fact the media hid negative stories about Edwards and Clinton, and they’ve buried video of Obama praising an Islamic terrorist for years, and also hid what they knew about his close ties to Domestic Terrorists for ages.

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