Summer Orphan Hosting!

It’s official. They can come back for 8 weeks, from June 15 to August I forget but 8 weeks later. I’m so excited.

Love this sweet face:
Me & V

Oh, my goodness, he’s cheeky. Ornery, even.

Remember we had 2 brothers, and they have 2 more brothers in the same orphanage. I said this just a few weeks ago: “We wish we could take all four for 8 weeks or even forever, but HM┬ásays he’s not young enough. I’m not either, but I’m less rational about that.”

Love prevailed over logic, and we’re trying to fund all four brothers. Not gonna lie, I am extremely excited and occasionally really worried about how worn out we are going to be.

We believe they might be adoptable, but we really, honestly, cannot adopt right now, and not four kids (this is not going to change, and I’ve shed more than a few tears over it). But we can host them again. We can try to stay in touch and let them know we care about them and send some little gifts from time to time.

If anybody would like a share in blessing these sweet boys, see here.

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