Squill and Orphans

squill 2My great-grandmother planted a small blue flower in her yard probably 65 years ago. She’s long gone, but her house is now where one of our daughters and her familiy live, and the yard is now covered in these blue beauties every spring- they are always the first to bloom. My daughter tells me they are already blooming.

Hardly anybody around here seems to know what they are and not many others around here grow them. My mother calls them squill. They are also known as Siberian Squill because they do, in fact, bloom in Siberia, and another name is Scilla siberica. There is a white version, and we have a few of those, too. It’s been my favourite flower since we moved back here. Pip has taken some stunning pictures of it every spring.

There is a Ukrainian children’s song about them: https://youtu.be/Eu7NDJpbTsg
I discovered this by accident.

Over a half a century ago my great-grandmother planted a few small bulbs or corms of this beauty which comes from a land of which she probably knew very little. She died when I was around 6 years old, maybe a bit younger. Some of the things she planted have disappeared, but many are still growing and blooming, and I transplanted them to our yard where they bloom anew, bringing joy and beauty into our lives every spring and summer when they blossom. She never lived to see how much joy her blooms brought to her descendants. She never lived to see all of her great-grandchildren, or any of her great-great-grandchildren, yet we benefit from her legacy. And there are special reasons why I associate it with joyful tidings.

Last winter we brought over two children from the same region as my great-grandmother’s blue flower, a region where squill and orphans grow abundantly. I hope we planted some seeds that will continue to grow, to bring joy and beauty into their lives.

Ukraine middle broAs you know, this summer, we hope to bring them both back, along with their two brothers. We are praying and planning to plant anew some ideas and skill that will benefit them, make them sure of a love which will nourish them, and we hope to follow the boys’ progress and possibly see them ensconced in a forever home, but we may never be able to see the growth.

Our continued thanks to all of you who have been able to help participate with us in working on this special gardening project. We truly thank God in all our remembrance of you- and daily I look over the growing list of donors, and the marvelously increasing number of shares here, and ask God to bless all involved, as well as our unknown prayer partners.

What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? Servants through whom you believed, even as the Lord gave opportunity to each one. I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth. So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God who causes the growth.…

Thank-you all for your help in this special garden of the Lord.

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