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Our Little Citizens- Primary Education Article, January, 1920 Part 1

SEveral things struck me about this article, some negative, some positive, some just historically interesting.  See what you think. Our Little Citizens Etta V. Leighton Civic Secretary, National Security League Book,  1920 January, 1920, must be more than “Happy New Year” month for teachers and children. There can hardly be a teacher anywhere who is […]

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Jealous Parenting

Okay, so my title might be a wee bit misleading. What am I jealous about, you ask? Narnia. I am passionately jealous about Narnia and my children. The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe is the first longer book that I remember my mother reading aloud. I remember the soft darkness of the bedroom and […]

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Gutenberg Books for Kindle

Gutenberg’s directions for downloading their books to your device. Youtube video on downloading Gutenberg books from their website to your Kindle 3: Step by step directions for downloading Gutenberg books for Nook or Kindle using your USB cord Or… save the book to the computer.  Be sure you have installed  the “send to kindle app” […]

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Double Meaning?

Found in The Sunday School Helper, Northwestern Universalist Publishing House, 1882: Explanation.- The “Monogram” can be made of thin pieces of board, and attached to a stand, or small boxes of different sizes, as exhibited in the above illustration. But the better and perhaps the cheaper way for schools will be to order the monograms […]

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Sharing- what we did

We did not make them share food gifts they were given, but we did not let them eat those gifts in front of others who didn’t have a treat. Community property toys:  even if a toy is community property, the child who is currently playing with it is the one who has priority. I have shared […]

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