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Apple falls near tree

WE still haven’t put all the Christmas stuff back in boxes. If that were the biggest issue, we’d be doing well, but the house is a mess. I have zero motivation, combined with an ongoing head-cold with body-aches thing and my usual everything hurts mantra and basic laziness (see: zero motivation). It’s hard to know […]

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The Liberal Arts

Those pursuing a Charlotte Mason style education, which is also simply an excellent liberal arts education, are often asked, or even demanded to, prove that it’s a good thing. Who cares about poetry? Why do you need to know the names of the local birds? What difference does classical music make in anybody’s life? Why […]

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Guy who exposed Planned Parenthood’s Organ Trafficking Indicted

We live in Orwell’s land. The same grand jury that cleared Planned Parenthood of organ trafficking has just indicted the investigative reporter who caught PP’s organ trafficking on video- on charges of, wait for it… … … Organ trafficking.   So, PP, which actually harvested and sold human body parts, did not engage in organ […]

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newsy stuff

There’s a new word floating around- cuck-servative. I have no objections to the intent and meaning behind its coining (conservatives who are played by the left and attempt to placate the left to the point of betraying their supposed real ideological allies). I don’t like it just because I think it is clunky and unwieldy […]

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Things I found helpful with orphan hosting

There’s no sense or order to this, and others out there probably have better ideas and definitely more experience, but I needed a good place to put things I want to remember for later. Many of these resources are definitely specific to kids from Russia or Ukraine. Some are specific to orphans. Others could be used in […]

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