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Children are children

We bought those bikes I mentioned previously. The bikes were half price because somebody left the sign for the half price sale up and forgot to take it down for something like a week, but it seems I’m the only one who noticed. The bikes are girl’s bikes, but the boys don’t care. The bikes […]

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Bikes and blessings

A dentist donated a free consult and x-rays so our Ukrainian orphans had a long set of dental appointments today- they need a lot of work and are currently both on an antibiotic. My husband stopped at the grocery store where he used to work and told them how many cherry tomatoes these kids eat. […]

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2015 Goals, 2016 Hopes

A friend asked recently what worked well for people in 2015. This picture shows three of the things I’m most pleased about ~ I’ll let you guess which one is my favorite (hint: it’s also the cutest ;)). The book is my book-journal. At the beginning of the year I committed to read at least […]

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Book Review ~ Brave Old World: A Practical Guide To The Fine Art of Husbandry, Or The Fine Art of Looking After Yourself

“It is neither possible nor particularly desirable to be entirely self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency implies a willful separation from others, whereas husbandry is all about sharing the work and sharing the knowledge.”  This is a central premise of this warm and delightful book about learning to live more independently and practically (which might mean more old-fashion-edly) in […]

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Feeding these boys

We have been asked a few times how we heard of Orphan hosting, why we decided to do it.  I know people are looking for the epiphany, the spiritual come to Jesus revelation, something deeply moving and admirable and ‘Ahhh’ inspiring. But that’s not what happened. To be honest, this is something that we really […]

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