Waste Some Time

time isn't always moneyIn the interest of efficiency and time management, many a harried householder has dispensed with certain niceties or small gaities because they are unnecessary and too much trouble.  It might be little treats such as afternoon tea with the children, niceties such as folded napkins or placemats beneath the plates, or a snack right out of the communal serving bowl rather than on a tray, or a morning walk or letting the children ‘help’ with the dusting or dishwashing before they are actually competent enough to be much help.  We skip these things, just this once, and then just this once more, and hen once again, until it becomes a habit.  We are busy. We are in a hurry.  We are just barely getting by and have to do the best we can, and we can do without these things,  because they are unnecessary and such a trouble.

Unnecessary they surely are- if keeping alive is all of living.     But such things are not unnecessary for the home that is to minister joy and cheer.  It is just such little extra pleasures that make the day brighter,  that let tired minds forget their weariness in the refreshment of sociability, or the pauses in which relationships are slowly built.  As the Fox explained to the Little Prince, “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

Waste some time today.  Be inefficient in the name of sociability, friendliness, and good comradeship.

time wasted for your rose

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