I meant to do my work today, but instead….

dirty dishesI feel badly whining about this when I don’t even have babies- although I do have to do a lot of toddler style care with the Cherub.  I hear from my daughters with four between the ages of 1 and 6, and four beween the ages of newborn and not yet but almost 5, and I know it’s harder for them.   But I was busy all day today (well, yesterday) and feel like I didn’t really get anything done. That’s because I got LOTS of things half done, which is worse.

I meant to finish them=).  One of my daughters has recently informed me that this is my personality type and I argued with her, and then the next week heard those words come out of my mouth far too many times.

But really, I did.  No, really.  I deliberately went around doing halves of things, because I do better with variety.  So I put loads of unfolded but clean laundry on my bed to fold.  I swapped out shelving in the mud-room/laundry room and stopped the swapping stuff half way- leaving piles of things I need to put away, sort, organize.  I started going through a tote of books we’re getting rid of, check the price and value against Amazon to see i I want to resell instead.  Undone.  Of course, that one has been undone about a week.  I wiped off the counters in the kitchen, made coffee and started supper in the crockpot, but I didn’t load the dishwasher and it needed it.  Then I made lunch, fed the Cherub,  and sat down at the computer to take a break before going back through the house and finishing up each task.

vintage red cross nurse costume school childBut then I suddenly remembered that *I* had a follow up dr. appointment this week, and I didn’t know when, and couldn’t find my appt card.  So I called the doc’s office, and they said it was today, about 2 hours from when I called. Can you say scramble?

Okay, I didn’t scramble.  You see, I had two hours.  So,  like a totally sane person*, when I found out I had some stuff to do that would interrupt my projects and leave them unfinished- naturally, I ADDED to my undone stuff. I made a once a month shopping list, using a couple cookbooks, my pinterest board, and my grocery store’s sales fliers.  Then after my doctor appointment, I did that grocery shopping and came home with so many groceries that my son said to me, as he always does say when he carries in the groceries, “You do know that only four people live here now.”  And I thank him for sticking a rusty screw in my heart and twisting it.


My once a month plan is pretty simple- largely meats and things that get dumped in the crockpot.  I started one of them already.  My husband put the groceries in ice chests with some frozen bottles of water for me so I can bag things up tomorrow, plus, finish all my other stuff. **


*like a totally sane person: Upon reflection,  I am not sure I have close personal experience with any totally sane people. But  I am sure if I did, this is absolutely how they would behave.  That belief may be apocryphal.


**Naturally, I’ve misplaced the list of meals.  So I’m on the computer typing here instead of looking for the meals and recipes I need to recreate my list.  And my son added to my list of things to do by inviting somebody over tonight after school.

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