Take Five

Crockpot apple oatmeal- truth is, I have had this tab up for three days and I keep meaning to make it for breakfast and I keep forgetting.

Real Men: I am a very bad person.  I know this.  If there was any doubt, now you all can know this, too, because this made me laugh so hard I nearly embarrassed myself.  Yes, there’s language, and I didn’t find all of said language use funny, but the rest of it is still too funny to keep to myself.  Lilacs and… shame. Oh, my.  And if my husband tried to buy me a pair of shoes without me there, I’d have him checked for dementia.  I’m not even a shoe maven, but I can’t imagine any woman thinking this was a desirable trait, unless she is in the hospital recovering from smoke inhalation and burns after a devastating housefire where all her worldly goods have been destroyed and she escaped barefoot carrying her unharmed children.  Then she would find the shoes she wanted online, text him a picture and tell him the size and the store.  Or she’d just order a pair . Not even then.  You know what?  I have actually been in the hospital without shoes, hundreds of miles from home, and I didn’t send my husband to get me a pair, I asked a gal pal who came to visit me there and asked me what I needed.

That clock and the kid story: The Ahmed story appears more and more to have been a case of Ahmed being used by his father and sisters to troll the school and generate the sort of publicity his father is known for preferring.  It would be good to ask some questions of news stories, the sorts of questions you see here.

There’s been a rash of stories over the last few years of high profile pastors being made fools of by unrepentant predators who convince the pastors otherwise.  Why does this happen?  How does it happen?  How not to be one of those gullible people?  Read here.

There are pastors who need to confess, “I didn’t know as much about this as I thought I did, and my judgement wasn’t as clear and sound as I thought it was. I was wrong, and my errors caused much additional pain to this predator’s victims. I am so sorry for my part in that pain.”  Tht’s not a script, but a general guideline.  Confessions need to include what you did wrong, why you were wrong (this part is not a laundry list of excuses, but an explanation of what shortcomings of your own led you to this place) and acknowledgement and sincerely expressed pain about how your actions caused others pain.

Rod Dreher and others on why they don’t do sleepovers.


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