Study of Hickory branch for sketching

vintage hickory branch sketch or drawing lesson


Our hickory nuts are smooth and mostly angular,  and the husks split from the top, along distinct lines,  nearly or quite to their place of attachment, as the  nuts ripen. In the walnuts, the smaller branches,  when cut open lengthwise, show a pithy interior with  little papery partitions, while the young branches of  the hickories are quite solid and woody to the centre….

The hickory, … is  purely an American production. No hickory is known  as a native of any other part of the world than the  southern half of North America.
If those who are searching for a national emblematical  plant, desire something absolutely Anierican, a plant  almost solely confined to the United States at that, they  cannot do better than to take up with the hickory. But  a friend suggests that, possibly, the recollection of * ‘old  hickory” may lead the discussions of the floral emblem  into party controversies, and that those good Republi-  cans now living who were ultra Whigs of an older  time, might think the hickory too Jacksonian.
Of the hickories, eight species of which are natives  of the eastern United States, we have the shag-bark  (Carya alba) , often called square walnut. It produces  the best nut for table use among our hickories, and the  tree may be at once distinguished by the curiously  rifted bark which, if undisturbed on old trees, stands  out from the trunk in every direction.  …

“Our trees. A popular account of the trees in the streets and gardens of Salem, and of the native trees of Essex County, Massachusetts, with the location of trees, and historical and botanical notes”)

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