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I really wish this were not so true


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The Poverty Gap

In a study in 1995, Betty Hart and Todd Risley of the University of Kansas found that children in professional families heard on average 2,100 words an hour. Working-class kids heard 1,200; those whose families lived on welfare heard only 600. By the age of three, a doctor’s or lawyer’s child has probably heard 30m […]

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Words Fitly Spoken

  When I was in grade school there was a girl in our class who was on the lower end of the totem pole. She would never be the very last person to be picked when the teacher split us up and had us choose teams, but she would never be above the 3rd to last, […]

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News and headlines

Almost all US temperature data used in global warming models is estimated or altered.  If you surmise that the estimates and alterations always work to support a certain preconceived idea, you’d be right, and thus clearly could never work for the government or in a global warming related field. Kabuki theater all over the place–   This […]

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KDrama Review: My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Thanks to the blogger at Living in Logan Land for the meme to the left- it’s perfect. Check out her blog- she does this stuff all the time, and it’s cute as can be. Who is in it? No Min Woo as Yoon Tae Woon- No Min Woo plays the scary monster killer/Vet in My […]

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