Leftists: curiously strong impulse toward bumping up the hate when they *win*

More here.

Accommodating only increases the hostility.

Oregon imposes gag order on the Christian bakers in gay wedding case, thus denying their first amendment rights.

P.C. is a ‘passive totalitarian control of public discourse.’

Sarah Hoyt:

  • We’ve been lied to since we were born. I’m fifty and all through my education, in Portugal and here, I was told that government could fix everything, that I shouldn’t trust private individuals, that having the “best men” in charge would lead to paradise.
  • ….
  • The lies were pervasive, all encompassing and utterly divorced from reality, and media, entertainment and government still cling to them.
  • They do this because they want power over us…..When communists, socialists or the democratic party say “we care for the little people” and “we’re against the rich” what they really mean is “we want to own you. We want to control your every decision.” That makes everything they do and everything they say a scabrous lie. It doesn’t even matter which of them are in on the lie and which are stupid enough to believe it. The whole fiction is a stomach-churning horror.
  • Their mucking around with the world as if their lies could be made into truths by being repeated often enough have caused not just the 100 million deaths of communism, but probably the same number from lost wealth (turns out, yeah, a rising tide raises all boats. Or in other words, no, you economic illiterates, our poor are NOT worse off than medieval poor, and let’s not consider further back), lost scientific advancement, lost medical advancement, lost opportunities. …..
  • Anyone who goes against the Marxist line and points out that they’re lying gets persecuted and there are attempts to destroy them, ranging from professional to real destruction. ….
  • They will attack us while protecting horrors like Isis and the Cuban dictatorship whose systems are a million times worse, because their intent is not to improve the world but to bring us down, so they can have power.
  • They keep acting like their intentions are pure and this makes them untouchable. This might have been believable before the fall of the USSR, but now? All I see through their smug “purity” is their hands dripping blood.

REad it all.

“We’re now seeing additional suggestions that religious colleges could be punished for not accommodating gay couples, and even an early suggestion that churches should not have non-profit status any longer.” – See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/#sthash.4W1yeqGi.dpuf

The Left is never satisfied with whatever skirmish they just won because the details of that skirmish were never a goal or anything really of importance.

They want power. Total and complete power over everyone’s life down the last book one reads or thoughts one will be allowed to think.

– See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/#sthash.4W1yeqGi.dpuf

If that sounds harsh to you, look at the above links again.  Notice the pattern of behavior, the push, push, push.  Think over the past.  How many times have you been told that X was the only goal, and Z would never happen, only to have Z follow after X like the tail follows the dog?

There is an agenda, and your freedome is not part of it.

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