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Pregnant Women with SPD

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction If you have this, you know- it hurts. It hurts to do the stairs, to be on your feet very long, to get in and out of cars, to move your foot from gas pedal to brake and back again. I recently said this to somebody else, and then thought I’d say […]

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Spanish Movies REasonably Safe to Watch

Watching movies and television shows in a language you are studying really does help with developing your receptive language skills (understanding what you hear). But if you’re studying Spanish, you know that Mexican television is highly sexualized. It’s hard to find shows that are family friendly. Here are a few I’ve seen that I can […]

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What’s Happening at the Common Room

First of all, everything’s okay. Where to begin? I really don’t know. I suppose that’s why I started at the end. Everybody is fine. Everything is okay. Just below is a picture of where I prefer to live. It’s the back pillow on my bed. To me it is the most comfortable spot in the house. I […]

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Bookmaking, part IV


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Ships through the ages, Silhouettes

  How to use these:  Tracing or cutting practice; in timeline books or on the wall, drawing practice, decorations, illustrations in booklets of the child’s creation, or just enjoy them.          

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