The NYT Discovers Ehrlich Was Wrong About Overpopulation

overpopulationThis is really must reading (and watching).  Seriously.

Listen to the sanctimonious totalitarianism from people who think of themselves as liberal (and Richard Nixon).

They don’t underline it, but as I’ve mentioned before, notice how closely connected his overpopulation epiphany is directly connected with being confronted by an overwhelming (to him) number of brown people in their own country! (more about this below)

“There’s too many people and we’d like to see people have fewer children and better ones.”- also Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Catalog fame (he’s changed his tune and now realizes Ehrlich was wrong.  But look at that-  “Better ones?”

Adrian Germaine liked his message because he was in favor of birth control. “Paul’s picture of doom and gloom looked real…” she says.

Well, no, actually, it didn’t. Not to anybody who examined his claims- which those in power were absolutely unwilling to do- even though this guy thought poisoning the water supply was actually a suggestion we ought to keep on the table.  (more about people who recognized how naked Ehrlich was further down in the post)

‘Maybe anybody thinking of having a 3rd child ought to go hungry a week.’ says one of Ehrlich’s disciples.

Another: ‘If your friends have kids, it’s fine if they are uncomfortable about that.’ (the implication being you should make sure they do feel uncomfortable about that)

Wouldn’t these people be fun to have around for your kids’ first birthday party?  How obnoxious.  And how very much like a certain type of political activist today – telling other people what to do is always popular.


Look at how easily these people advocated horrifically fascist, coercive ‘solutions.’ Look at how we have been lied to and deceived over the last few decades.  And it was a deception- he admits he exaggerated but it’s okay, because he was trying to get people to act.   And he says his language is not apocalyptic enough, he’d speak even more strongly about it today, and his failed predictions as to the timeline for disaster are irrelevant because time to a scientist like him is not the same as it is for the rest of us (talk about a god-complex!).

He also says the idea that a woman should be ‘allowed’ to have as many children as she wants is like saying she should be allowed to throw as much garbage into her neighbors’ yards as she wants.

Yes, he compared having a baby to throwing garbage in your neighbor’s yard.  And he used control freak words like ‘allowed’ or ‘permitted’ to assert his right to determine how many kids a woman has, and to deny entirely her right to make that determination herself.

The fact that the NYT actually admits Ehrlich was wrong is huge.  But, as usual, people like the authors of this report, those interviewed for it- they see things like this in isolation.  They are surprised by it.  They do not notice a pattern.  They do not learn from it.

The article also says this:

To some extent, worrying about an overcrowded planet has fallen off the international agenda. It is overshadowed, as Mr. Pearce suggests, by climate change and related concerns. The phrase “zero population growth,” once a movement battle cry, is not frequently heard these days; it has, for instance, appeared in only three articles in this newspaper over the last seven years.

The complete lack of introspection, the inability to spot patterns and draw conclusions which might lead one to question oneself and one’s own presuppositions is just breath-taking.

Speaking of Ehrlich on Population Control, one of his former disciples asks:

“How many years do you have to not have the world end” to reach a conclusion that “maybe it didn’t end because that reason was wrong?” Stewart Brand (“Whole Earth Catalog” Brand)

Excellent question.

global warming predictions failedThat question could also apply to the end times predictions of Al Gore and other warming alarmists.  We could make a long list of ‘climate change’ false alarms and failed predictions. They also are on record, like Ehrlich, of confessing that they lie but that’s okay because they are lying in pursuit of a noble agenda- they’ve decided it’s noble, so anything they do to promote it is good.

And most of the proposed solutions are equally fascist and totalitarian.


The article briefly refers to Julian Simon, who had a bet with Ehrlich about his predictions- Ehrlich lost.  The media and politicians promoting the overpopulation myths didn’t care.  I’ve blogged about it before:


In 1980 Simon bet Paul Ehrlich, one of the prophets of doom and gloom, that the future would be more abundant, not more impoverished.

If Ehrlich was right, and limits to growth were near at hand, then prices would rise as resources depleted. But Simon argued that our greatest resource is human ingenuity — the power of billions of human minds to constantly devise ways to do more with less.

Ehrlich bet that the price of five metals would be higher a decade later. Simon bet that they would be lower.

Simon won the bet. And so did humanity.

But Simon only won his bet because of the free market.  Allow the intelligentsia to continue to strangle the free market and kill entrepreneurial attempts in their nativity, and we won’t be so fortunate.

Overpopulation Myths (one of the first series’ posts on this blog):

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Part Three: Here I quote Ehrlich at length from his one book where he recounts his sudden realization that there were too many people in the world while on a visit to India.  There were just too many people.  And they smelled bad.  As more than one of his readers and reviewers has noted the population density is and was just as great (or greater) in New York, London, and Tokyo as in Delhi. Population density was not his problem in India. REally, I think he wrote one of the vilest racist screeds I have ever read in my life and people just lapped it up.
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Part Four

In 1968 Holden, Obama’s former Science Czar, co-authored a nasty little book advocating forced abortion, sterilization and other Nazi like procedures on a public guilty of no greater crime than precreating. I blogged about it here. He co-authored it with Paul Ehrlich, who had published The Population Bomb in 1968. See here to read Holden’s totalitarian, eugenics based ‘solutions’

Many countries, far from being overpopulated, are birth controlling themselves out of existence.

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