Eyes in the back of my head

Scroll down to the bottom to see the little image thingie I created today  in honor of Blynken and Nod, who demonstrated this truth yet again today.

I’ve been reorganizing my craft-room big time. It’s much cleaner and more spacious than it was, but it’s still not ready to have kids rummaging through the stuff (it never will be ready to have kids rummaging through it unsupervised, because kids leave the lids off of stamp pads, markers, and paint, and tip glue bottles over, and knock over calligraphy ink pots, and flatten calligraphy pen nibs with too much pressure and drop pins and thumb tack on the floor and leave yarn unraveled).

Yesterday, I said, “Stay out of the craft room!” And yesterday, Blynken took the bamboo pole that goes to an antique easel I have that I wish to put back together and use, and he painstakingly used a black permanent marker to completely turn it black and cut himself a nice guard out of cardboard and created a very lovely looking fencing sword. The cardboard and the bamboo piece were originally in my craftroom.

“You did a lovely job, ” I said. “Very creative,” I admired. “It loks stunning, ” I admitted. “But I told you not to go in that room, didn’t I?”

He got that paralyzed rabbit look, followed swiftly by the ‘but I am a cunning rabbit’ expression and he said he didn’t go in that room, he found that pole outside of the room, in the Common Room, quite far from the craft-room.

“Yes,” I said, “That might be. Which of you went into the craft room and took it out for some other play, and left it out in the Common Room until you thought of using it for a sword?”

He didn’t even answer. He did the goldfish thing, where he opened and closed his mouth as various lies he thought he might tell me flitted across his mind and were discarded in turn.

I sighed, and told him he could finish his game, but when it was done, return the thing to my craftroom and then stay out of it for the duration.

This morning, he brought down a skein of yarn and a knitting spool and asked me to teach him how to use it. You know where he found those things.

“I told you to stay out of the craft room,” I said.

“I didn’t!” He insisted. “I did not go into that room!  This spool thing was in a box of things on a chair in the Common Room.”

“Where did you get that yarn?” I asked.

“What?” He asked, stalling for time.

His little brother had been right behind him, wanting to play with the spool and yarn as well.  He started to edge out of the room.  I called him back. I told them again I wanted them to stay out of the room and not to go in again, and I wasn’t kidding and it was not a joke.  They glumly turned to leave, and the younger one muttered to his brother, “How does she know?”

dragon mom and kids eyes in back of her head


P.S.  I did later get him some other yarn that was not in my craft-room, and showed him how to use the knitting spool.  Because I am a dragon, but I am a softy dragon deep inside beneath my armoured scales, spikes, and fire breathing.



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