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Charlotte Mason Bookmarks: Discipline vs Desultory Reading

Click to enlarge, set paper to landscape, margins to .5, preview if you can, and print: Updated to note the typo on the fourth bookmark has been fixed.  I guess my proofreading was a little too desultory.=)

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Printable mini posters or bookmarks

Click to enlarge.  Set paper orientation to portrait, margins to .5

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Walnut Broccoli Stir-fry

  On a hot day, you can do your cutting early in the day, put it in the fridge, and then have your meal cooked quickly in just a few more minutes than it takes a couple cups of water to boil at suppertime- so no overheating the kitchen. There are different ways to make […]

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Who to blame for abuse?

The abuser. That is who we blame. We blame those who knew of it and did nothing for knowing of it and doing nothing. We blame the abuser for the abuse. Nobody makes him (or occasionally her) go that far. There are certain areas where child molesters like to live and work and recreate. They […]

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Village Church, Matt Chandler publish ‘apology.’

Matt Chandler, Village Church offer ‘make it go away’ excuses, call it an apology. You can read it here. Take some blood pressure meds first, and a few deep cleansing breaths. Read it slowly and carefully, and think about who this apology is really for and exactly what it is they are admitting to doing. […]

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