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Hugos, Sad Puppies 3, and how the petulant use of the ‘no-vote’ demonstrates that you don’t love the genre. Pretty good read all around, regardless of your interest in the Hugos. But if your interest is in the Hugos, or at least sci-fi, then you should read this comment in particular. A lot of it mirrors my own experience, except that I’m too old to have read the Star Trek novels at 12, and even if they’d been out yet, I would have been a snob about them.
I read Andre Norton, LeGuin, the Doc Savage books, Heinlein, Bradbury, and all the paperbacks at the library with a little red spaceship on the sticker… I know. Doc Savage and I’d have been snobbish about Star Trek? I was 12… wait, no, I was ten. IT was sixth grade. But I also looked for the Hugo awards then. And then, at some point, I stopped. Partly I was just too busy, to some degree for a while the genre lost its appeal- but I now suspect the issue wasn’t that the genre lost its appeal, but that the genre, and especially the Hugos, lost their souls. Reading books published by the Borg collective of SJWs is just not as much fun as reading books written by Sarah Hoyt, Ray Bradbury, and the old guard.

How a tiny smelt and a massive government agency put a choke-hold on California which has brought it to the dust. Thy truly over-earnest and dogmatic of any belief set share certain things in common, an overwhelming surfeit of moral outrage, and shared lack a lot of things- self awareness, a sense of humour, a sense of proportion, discernment. Thousands and thousands of smelts are not a couple manatee.

Judge denies the White House’s request to lift his stay on the President’s amnesty program, and also lashes out at the government’s lawyers for lying to the court and the opposition about what they were realy doing.

Being one of those over-earnest mothers I’ve warned you about before (how do you think I know to warn you?), my kids were not allowed to watch My Little Ponies. Okay, partly that’s over-earnestness, and partly it’s because I though they were just drivel. Maybe I was over-earnest in my objections to drivel, too, I don’t know. Maybe they were not drivel, maybe they have changed. That’s a lot of uncertainty, so what you should definitely do is go read this article on the anti-Marxism message of a MLP movie, or show, or something.

Here’s a list of questions to pass out at your next family get together….
I kid, I kid. It’s a great list of questions, but family get togethers should be about bouncing babies on your knees, singing songs, talking about good fiction, showing the kids how to roll sushi, cutting firewood, and swapping the most embarrassing stories you remember about each other (and making them up when you can’t do that).

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