Copywork: Aesop’s Fables, Part II

Some images appear broken, but if you click on the broken images, you will be able to see (and print) the full sized image.

copywork imagecopywork imagePreviously, I did another group of copywork pages from Aesop’s here.

Those sentences were from fables at the beginning of the book. The sentences in this post are taken more from the middle.

Sometimes I used a slightly smaller font, sometimes the sentences are little longer, and there are fewer spaces between the words. Presumably, this set of copywork or transcription pages would only be used after  the previous set, or at least not with a child who wasn’t thoroughly comfortable with basic transcription skills and letter formation.

Right click, then select ‘open in new tab’ and then print or save the image to the file where you store these sorts of printables.

To print, set your paper orientation to landscape, margins to .25. You can center it on the page, but that’s not necessary. I always check it with print preview before I print anything.

Set the timer for ten or fifteen minutes and stop the copywork as soon as the timer goes off, then have your child check it carefully.

copywork aesops fables ants and grasshopper 1

Click on this broken image below for the full sized printable version:

copywork aesops fables ants and grasshopper 1

copywork aesops fables ants and grasshopper 2

copywork aesops fables ass and the image

copywork aesops fables the two goats

copywork aesops fables the ass and the load of salt

copywork aesops fables the lion and the gnat

copywork aesops fables fox and bore

copywork aesops fables The Leap at Rhodes

copywork aesops fables The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion

copywork aesops fables The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion 2



copywork aesops fables The Birds, the Beasts and the Bat

copywork aesops fables The Lion, the Bear and the Fox

copywork aesops fables The Hares and the Frogs

copywork aesops fables The fox and the stork

copywork aesops fables THE TRAVELERS AND THE SEA

copywork aesops fables The stag and his reflection

copywork aesop's fables The Peacock

copywork aesop's fables The Mice and the Weasels


copywork aesop's fables The Wolf and the Lean Dog



copywork aesop's fables The Cat and the Monkey

copywork aesop's fables the dog and his master's dinner

copywork aesop's fables the the rabbit weasel and cat

copywork aesop's fables the bear and the bees


copywork aesop's fables the fox and the leopard


copywork aesop's fables the heron 1


copywork aesop's fables the heron 2


More copywork pages:

From Five Little Peppers and How They Grew:

Here– along with some tips and hints on how to do copywork in general, especially with beginners.

also here,

and here.


Selections from Aesop’s:




When you live somewhere with standardized testing required, and you want to work on specific grammar or punctuation issues, but you don’t want to sacrifice Miss Mason’s approach entirely… try this approach.

Ideas for assigning copywork with older children.

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