Copywork from Five Little Peppers

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For some tips on how to use these (or other sentences) for copywork, see here.


copywork grade 2 five little peppers 3 copywork grade 2 five little peppers 4

copywork grade 2 five little peppers 5


I chose the sentences I chose with two views in mind. One was, did the words evoke any kind of picture in the mind- even so simple and homey a picture as a dish of cold potatoes in a little girl’s hands.
The other was, do these sentences include practice in the sorts of skills a grade two child required to take mandated state test might see on such a test? That would include things like quotation marks, the three basic punctuation marks for ending a sentence, some basic capitalization, and some use of commas. There are some Mother Goose rhymes that also lend themselves well to that sort of thing. I have some listed here.

More copywork pages:

From Five Little Peppers and How They Grew:

Here– along with some tips and hints on how to do copywork in general, especially with beginners.

also here,

and here.

Selections from Aesop’s:



When you live somewhere with standardized testing required, and you want to work on specific grammar or punctuation issues, but you don’t want to sacrifice Miss Mason’s approach entirely… try this approach.

Ideas for assigning copywork with older children.

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