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Use it up: ways with leftovers

I recently bought yet another cookbook, on the recommendation of several readers at my regular blog. The book is Extending the Table. It follows the same format as an old family favorite, The More With Less Cookbook, by Janis Longacre, whose husband wrote the forward for Extending the Table. Although I disagree with some of […]

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Two Good Reads

Fascinating:  A microbioligist and a medieval scholar got together and tested an old Anglo Saxon remedy for the eye sty.  It seems it could be extremely effective on MRSA. The whole thing is pretty cool, but two things really stood out to me: They had to hope for the best with the leeks and garlic […]

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Adding Value

Several years ago, we kept hens, and we had a surplus of eggs. We could sell our eggs to others for a dollar a dozen (it was several years back). Or we could get between 12 and 24 dollars a dozen if we pickled them first and sold them at one or two dollars an […]

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Copywork from Five Little Peppers

Click to enlarge. Set paper orientation to landscape, margins to .5 For some tips on how to use these (or other sentences) for copywork, see here.     I chose the sentences I chose with two views in mind. One was, did the words evoke any kind of picture in the mind- even so simple […]

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Printable Copywork: Aesop’s Fables

(The images below appear broken, however, if you click and open them, possibly right click and open in new tab, they will show up full size) There are slightly more than two dozen free printable copywork pages from Aesop’s Fables here. The selections are suitable for first or second graders who have mastered their letter […]

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