A Few Headlines

NCIS, Sniper success highlight just how out of touch the entertainment media is with mainstream tastes.

Copenhagen terrorist shootings– It’s freedom of speech that is under attack here, as well as basic freedom of conscience. Militant Islam is opposed to free speech and definitely opposed to freedom of religion or freedom conscience. In this hatred of free speech, they have much in common with Progressivism.

This is a long but very important read on how drug-testing of welfare recipients is a sham, but not in the way you think. It’s also a pretty sharply targetd criticism of the way drug testing is reported.

Why established businesses love over-regulation:

Here is what regulation, particularly utility-style regulation, tends to do — it locks in current business models and competitors. It makes it really hard for new entrants to challenge incumbents with innovative new business models or approaches, because regulations have been written based on the old business model and did not take the new one in account. So a new entrant must begin business by getting regulators to allow their new model, which never happens because by this time incumbents have buildings full of lobbyists aimed at the regulatory process. Go ask Tesla and Uber and Lyft about how easy it is to enter a heavily regulated business even with a superior new business model.

This is particularly true in the technology world. The biggest threat to incumbency is someone with a new technology or approach to the technology. Don’t believe me? I suggest you go to the offices of Netscape or AOL or Lycos or Borders or Circuit City or Radio Shack and interview them about the security of their multi-billion dollar businesses in the face of new online technologies. At best, regulators put a huge speed bump in the way of competitors, costing them time and money to get their alternative business model approved. At worst, regulators block new competitors altogether.

There’s more, and it’s important stuff.

Apparently, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is really powerful, and also owns some Back to the Future type device. A NYT columnist credits Walker’s policies for teacher layoffs that occurred before he became governor and enacted them! I know Wisconsin and NY are a long way from each other, but I’ve heard there are phones in Wisconsin, and some people even have the internet.

Police officer charged with assault. He bodyslammed a 57 year old recent immigrant from India, resulting in paralysis and a spinal injury. The man told the officer ‘No English,’ recited his family’s address, and tried to get the officers to go to his family’s house.

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