Government bans home-made fried foods from daycares, limits factory made fried foods to once a week


The government just made these illegal for children in daycares.

The government just made these illegal for children in daycares.

Oh, this burns me.  This is a perfect illustration of why the government totally fails at controlling our lives and should not be given more control.

New federal “guidelines” are restricting fats in daycares now, specifically by banning frying food on site.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing strict new dietary guidelines for day cares that would prohibit them from frying food that is served to children.

Child care providers would also be formally required to provide children with water upon request, though they would face restrictions on how much apple juice and orange juice they serve.

One of the more notable provisions would restrict day cares from frying food on site and discourage them from serving pre-packaged fried food, such as chicken fingers, from the grocery store.

“While facilities would not be permitted under this proposed rule to prepare foods on site by frying them,” the USDA wrote in the Federal Register, “store-bought, catered, or pre-fried foods can still contribute large amounts of calories and saturated fat to a meal. Therefore, facilities are encouraged to limit all fried and pre-fried foods to no more than once per week.”

I really don’t have a quarrel with requiring water be provided upon request- other than the restriction on any exercise of common sense here. REal human beings who deal with real children know that sometimes they ask for water as a way of avoiding nap-time or bed-time. I don’t have a huge quarrel with the limitations on apple and orange juice, except that for some kids with low blood sugar those juices are a good boost, and for kids who are sick, depriving them of o.j. seems cruel and unnecessary.

Neither of those things are properly the place of government, of course.

The fried foods restriction is just appallingly ignorant. It’s based on outdated information that was bad science to begin with (and itself another example of what happens when government meddles in places it has no business– they end up subsidizing scientific fraud). IT’s also backward- prefried foods are likely worse than home-fried, and those are still permitted (albeit once a week).  I hate to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I have to wonder why the healthier, from scratch fried foods (no more home-made hash-browns?  No stir-fried rice, no omelettes?) are totally banned while it’s still permissable under these regulations to buy and serve prepackaged, corporate produced foods and fry them once a week?

good fat bad fat

Do these idiots even understand what foods are fried? Pancakes, french toast, eggs, hamburgers, stir-fries, fritters, tempeh, hash browns from scratch, fried rice, and they even specifically ban the frying of tofu. One might argue that probably most daycares receiving federal funds wouldn’t be serving the healthiest versions of these foods, but are there exceptions for those that are?

Government is just too big for common sense. All pancakes are not created equal- one might argue that white flour and white sugar pancakes are not worth fighting over. But my pancakes are either whole wheat, or they are coconut, almond, eggs and coconut milk based.

Government also spent decades killing its citizens with this bad dietary advice- that butter is bad, margarine is better, low-fat sour cream is a good thing, never mind transfats

And don’t tell the government, but mother’s milk is high in fat because….

children need a lot of fat in their diet. Mother’s milk is 55% fat and it is mostly saturated fat. It is extremely high in cholesterol, and it has a special enzyme that helps the baby absorb the cholesterol. That is how important cholesterol is for the growing child. Studies of children put on this low fat, low cholesterol diet show failure to thrive. They do not grow the way they are supposed to on this low fat diet. Children need more fat than adults right through their growing years, right up to the age of 18 or 20 because fat and cholesterol are very important for the development of the brain and nervous system.

But the government has a long, long history of supporting really horrific nutritional advice based on weak and even fraudulent science.

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  1. Robert
    Posted January 17, 2015 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    I want to say that this story really fries my bacon, but it sounds like that is illegal now.

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