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Acellular Pertussis Vaccine May Cause Rise in Pertussis Cases

Correction: I’m taking this from a comment left by a friend I trust on my fb page:  “The way the press release worded it could be interpreted that the vaccinated animals were contagious just from receiving the vaccine. However, from reading the details of the experiment, I think it meant that the test subjects vaccinated with […]

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Measles and Sneezles

How many people live in the US?  About 316 million. How many have contracted Measles in this ‘epidemic?’ About 100 so far (I will share a link, but I think the picture is not most representative of what measles looks like in this country. Updated to add: from that same link, it’s not your local […]

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The Ideal Young Man, of 1902

I. Will the ideal young man play cards, drink liquor, or use tobacco? 2. Will he be a Christian? 3. Shall he be a lawyer, preacher, journalist, physician, or merchant? 4.  Shall he be a college graduate? The above questions were sent out to representative young women in all parts of the United States. Most […]

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Salmon Patties

Salmon patties- you can find recipes everywhere. This is what I made up last night (it’s Whole30 and paleo compliant and also low-carb): 1 can salmon (around 14 ounces, give or take) 2 eggs teaspoon garlic powder tablespoon of curry powder 2 tablespoons of minced dried onion (you can use fresh, but use a little […]

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A few of my husband’s lunches

  Pork roast and potatoes; wax beans with green onions, and frozen berries.   Green beans just like Grandma used to open; sundried tomatoes, southwestern style breakfast burritoes, and those washed out grape looking things are canned sour cherries with coconut cream. They don’t look pretty but I liked their flavor, nice and sour.   […]

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