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Clearing Out My Books

I’m in a mood for purging. ┬áIf you see something here you like, and are pretty sure you want to buy it, let me know before I get it listed at Amazon.=) Prices are NOT deep discounts. I hate going to the post office and mailing boxes. Prices are my best effort at coming up […]

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Ferguson and Law Enforcement Around the Web

The Grand Jury Got it Right with Darren Wilson: That doesn’t mean that many of black America’s concerns about these kinds of incidents aren’t genuine. It doesn’t mean that police departments like the one in Ferguson aren’t a major problem. It only means that this incident should be judged on the evidence, not the politics […]

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Christmas Poinsettia to Colour, Cut and Paste.

From The Instructor, Volume 29 By Frederick A. Owen, 1919 Colour, cut, paste the flower in the pot. Make several and put them up in a row along the bottom of a window, or along a bookcase, or the mantle. Keep some white and make some red and practice patterns. Put glitter on them, or […]

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The Boy’s Thanksgiving Post

Today is a great day! A day of remembrance! Exactly one year ago at 10:45 a.m. I successfully detonated 5 pounds of Pyrodex Black Powder in my cute face, it was an accident, and to be quite honest, was a great acne treatment (although not recommended by certified cosmetologists). And so in loving memory of […]

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Sniffles, Sobs, and Books

Everybody was here for Thanksgiving, including Jenny’s beau from far and away. Almost everybody is here the day after Thanksgiving, except Pip and the FYG, who both have to work and then Pip heads north. There were some tears in the kitchen because Equuschick is moving in a few days. To make us feel better, […]

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