vintage boy and girl skipping rope and playing marblesI didn’t agree with most of  this article, where the author expresses concerns about the ‘let’s teach them grit’ approach.

The naked political bias was ugly.  Teach grit is bad because it’s a conservative idea.  If that’s true, well shame on progressives for being the party of quitters, but I don’t think it’s true.  It’s not only not really true, it’s a logical fallacy.

The author seems totally confused about the difference between obsessive behavior and grit.

The author is also fond of false dichotomies, presenting made up situations as necessarily either/or, when they aren’t mutually contradictory.

But I loved this rebuttal in the comments:
1. So it’s not a “new” idea. Does that automatically invalidate it?
2. Are self-control and delayed gratification bad things? Societies are built on it. The marshmallow experiment should not be discounted.
3. So who is to say whether something is worth doing? Most of the things around out and the society you live in were made in no small part because of grit.
4. So grit can be counterproductive. Is that to say that lack of grit is productive?
5. There is a big difference between grit and obsession. To throw obsessive behavior and grit in the same barrel is a huge error.
6. So, the not of approval goes to the child who gives up? How about giving the nod of approval to the child who makes progress?
7. So persistent people persist. With the logic presented so far, we can also conclude that quitters quit. Duh!
8. The most important outcome variable is the rest of ones life and how that life meshes with the lives around his or hers to form a society. Go back to the marshmallow study.
9. Grit and breadth of interest are not mutually exclusive. An interdisciplinary approach to problem solving works when a person develops competence in more than one field. It takes true grit to learn the same lesson from different perspectives.
10. Neither liberal nor conservative are dirty words. However, in this charged atmosphere of name calling, when one stoops to that position, it isn’t pretty. Every question has a short answer and a long answer and neither is always right.

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