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Debt-Free: 9 Step System to Get Out of Debt Fast and Have Financial Freedom: The Quickest Way to Get Out of Debt Forever

Reader Review: As someone who has struggled with credit card debt for a long time, I found this book an excellent read. Getting rid of debt is not just as simple as making more money and spending less, but has deep internal roots that need to be addressed and dealt with. Ashton’s book made me aware of this, and on top of that teaches a simple and effective system on how to stay out of debt forever.

Like the description says, this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It requires action and hard work like anything else, and the book makes that clear. Moving forward however, I now have the tools and knowledge to get myself out of debt before the year ends, and from there set up systems in place to ensure things stay that way.

Excellent read!

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The purpose of this course is to provide the nurse with an in depth understanding of breastfeeding, including an intensive review of anatomy, physiology, emotional and social factors, and a review of problem solving protocols. In addition, members of the public may use this course to enhance their personal knowledge of the subject matter presented.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

1. Outline the history of infant feeding and breastfeeding.
2. Discuss the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk and other signs of the paradigm shift in favor of breastfeeding.
3. Review components of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.
4. List the risk and disadvantages associated with artificial baby milk (ABM).
5. Describe the components and types of breast milk.
6. Discuss the anatomy and development of the breast and the physiology of breast milk production.
7. Identify key points of antepartum education and lactation assessments.
8. Outline the role of the doula.
9. Review various hospital routines that affect breastfeeding, including the use of labor medications and the neonatal assessment.
10. Describe the latch-on process.
11. List potential maternal complications that may interfere with breastfeeding.
12. List potential infant complications that may make breastfeeding difficult or impossible.
13. Compare and contrast various devices available for the breastfeeding mother.
14. Discuss issues that may arise during the early weeks and months of breastfeeding.
15. Identify support available for the breastfeeding couple.

This 15-hour continuing education course is available for download for professional development; if continuing education credit is desired, please see instructions included in eBook.

Reader Review: Wasn’t sure about buying a textbook
But this book is so much better than all the non-textbooks out there. It is well written and easy to read. It is very solution orientated and gave me some great advice. I am currently pregnant with my second child and my milk never came in with my first. I am praying for a differnet result this time and this book was (1) very encouraging to me to want to try to breastfeed again and (2) full of ideas and support resources I didn’t know about last time. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It doesn’t have a lot of pictures or illustrations – but once you know what to search for on the internet – you can find plenty of pictures.

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Asperger’s: Parenting a Child With Asperger Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments (Autism Spectrum Disorders Book 2)

Reader Review: I wish we had this book when my brother was younger. Shoot, I think all teachers and administrators should read and study this book, then give a class every year to all students, reminding them that everyone is not alike, even if they look the same.
Even if you don’t have a child with Asperger’s, it’s quite possible you’ve encountered someone with it or another ‘special’ need.Take the time to read this. There are basic parenting lessons effective for children of all level of needs. A fast, well-organized, and straightforward book.

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The Golden Sayings of Epictetus
Random Excerpt:

But what saith God?—”Had it been possible, Epictetus, I would have made both that body of thine and thy possessions free and unimpeded, but as it is, be not deceived:—it is not thine own; it is but finely tempered clay. Since then this I could not do, I have given thee a portion of Myself, in the power of desiring and declining and of pursuing and avoiding, and in a word the power of dealing with the things of sense. And if thou neglect not this, but place all that thou hast therein, thou shalt never be let or hindered; thou shalt never lament; thou shalt not blame or flatter any. What then? Seemth this to thee a little thing?”—God forbid!—”Be content then therewith!”
And so I pray the Gods.

What saith Antisthenes? Hast thou never heard?— It is a kingly thing, O Cyrus, to do well and to be evil spoken of.


“Aye, but to debase myself thus were unworthy of me.”
“That,” said Epictetus, “is for you to consider, not for me. You know yourself what you are worth in your own eyes; and at what price you will sell yourself. For men sell themselves at various prices. This was why, when Florus was deliberating whether he should appear at Nero’s shows, taking part in the performance himself, Agrippinus replied, ‘But why do not you appear?’ he answered, ‘Because I do not even consider the question.’ For the man who has once stooped to consider such questions, and to reckon up the value of external things, is not far from forgetting what manner of man he is. Why, what is it that you ask me? Is death preferable, or life? I reply, Life. Pain or pleasure? I reply, Pleasure.”
“Well, but if I do not act, I shall lose my head.”
“Then go and act! But for my part I will not act.”
“Because you think yourself but one among the many threads which make up the texture of the doublet. You should aim at being like men in general—just as your thread has no ambition either to be anything distinguished compared with the other threads. But I desire to be the purple—that small and shining part which makes the rest seem fair and beautiful. Why then do you bid me become even as the multitude? Then were I no longer the purple.”

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Shrouded In Thought (Gilded Age Mysteries Book 2)

Reader Review: The history of Chicago comes alive in this turn of the century mystery novel. The attention to detail and nuances of the narrative made this a truly enjoyable reading.

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65 House Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life WAY Easier: (DIY Hacks, Household Cleaning Hacks, House Cleaning Tips, Natural Cleaning)

Reader Review: This book by Elizabeth Bolling is a true haven for all busy women that need to do more in less time while saving a great deal of money. Trust me in that your cleaning and approach to how you do it and what you use will be forever revolutionized. The household products you are about to hear will amaze you on how effectively they can be used costing a fraction of what store bought cleaners do. Some of the products you will learn to use will include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and aluminum foil to name a few.

Remember when Granny used to give her old time-tested remedies? This book will exceed such and make you excited to pass along the secrets to friends. Of the numerous things you will learn I found the following especially helpful.
–A fast, effective way to clean a microwave
–How vinegar and water can clean a coffee pot and carpet stains
–Using Alka-Seltzer to speed up draining
–Cleaning your mattress with rubbing alcohol

These are just a few of the many wise incites you will gain from her book. Bolling has spent years researching and testing natural cleaning recipes. They exceed store bought items and you don’t want to miss all that is included in this wonderful resource. I highly recommend it.

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The Wedding List: A London Christian romance (Love In Store Book 1)

Reader Review: I’m not quite sure how to describe this book exactly, because I’ve not read anything quite like it! At first, I couldn’t believe that someone would make the main male character a clumsy science nerd, but there was something about him that was so quirky and adorable that I couldn’t help but quickly like him and wish the best for him. There are portions where the pacing felt very slow, but there were also portions that made me smile as I pictured the predicaments they got themselves into. It’s a nice light read when you are looking for something enjoyable.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Boaz Brown

Blurb: Set in Dallas, Stimpson’s debut novel effectively uses flashbacks to dramatize the conflicts faced by her deeply spiritual narrator, LaShondra Smith. A successful school vice-principal about to turn 31, LaShondra yearns for Mr. Right. Naturally, this special man has to be not only honorable, compassionate and rich but also Christian and black, like Boaz in the Bible. On career day, LaShondra meets Stelson Brown, the handsome white partner of the Brown-Cooper Engineering firm, and is immediately attracted to him. As her feelings for this Christian Prince Charming grow, LaShondra has to deal with a school administration that questions her ability to cope with diversity issues and, more importantly, a father who disapproves of her dating outside her race. In the sobering denouement, her father reveals a family secret about an incident in Ellerson, Tex., in 1958 that forever crushed his dreams and trust in the white man. Aimed most obviously at African-American women of faith, this thought-provoking tale of anger, prejudice and romance offers important lessons for all.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Reader Review: Where do I begin? This novel made me laugh at myself because I saw so much of me and my friends in the main character (LaShondra) and her friends and family and the church members. It was TOO REAL! Later, I cried about how things went down with her father (don’t want to spoil it for you!) Single women who are waiting on their Boaz need to read this book because it will make you open your eyes to what might be right under you nose but you’re too closed-minded to see it!!! Christians of all raced need to read it because it makes you wonder why many of us(those who are supposed to be known as Christians by our love) still go to all-white churches and all-black churches and don’t even think to invite people who are of different races to revivals, vacation bible school, etc??? For such a deep topic, this book was FUNNY and I never felt like I was being preached to. The characters are imperfect Christians in an imperfect world just trying their best to do right. Most of all, it made me think about how I treat people because (in my circle of friends and church members) I hear all kinds of stereotypical comments about other races – but I never thought twice about it until now. If you want to be entertained, cry, remember, connect, be challenged, and laugh while you’re doing it all – read Boaz Brown!

She just finished the sequel, and you can read her blogpost about how she came to create Boaz Brown in the first place (very interesting).

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The Devotions of Saint Anselm

The Devotions of Saint Anselm is a great collection of meditations, prayers, and letters of spiritual counsel by St. Anselm. This edition is edited by Clement Webb and includes a table of contents.

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Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God

three star review; Caught Off Guard: Encounters with the Unexpected God is a book where the writer draws from various events in Scripture to show how God extended mercy to someone who didn’t deserve it, or exhibited His power and might in unprecedented ways.

The book is divided into four major sections: God shows you his heart; God calms our fears; God provides what you need; and God radically transforms you. The book is written from a decidedly Christian viewpoint, as the author spends the bulk of each chapter discussing a certain passage of Scripture or a specific event. I found the footnotes helpful for following the portion of Scripture referenced. At times the author did a superb job in intermingling Bible stories with real life stories, dealing with the same scriptural principal. More often than not, however, the flow of a chapter was unnatural as he attempted to weave the Biblical principle into everyday life.

This book is best read in little chunks and with plenty of time to reflect upon what was just read. At the end of every chapter the author gives you four groups of questions to challenge you to own the chapter’s content. For example, at the end of the chapter titled “Are you growing in humble honesty?,” the author asks “What are some godly reasons to evaluate the negatives of your life?” This is an excellent question not only for the reader to meditate on, but also could be the beginning of a lively discussion with someone.

Armchair Interview says: A quiet read for personal reflection.

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Land of Dust and Tears (A Prairie Heritage)

Reader Review: If you have ever enjoyed the series Little House on the Prairie, Land of Dust &Tears will resemble the times and location. It was May of 1866 when Jan and his brother Karl’s family would arrive in America from Norway. They would settle in the Nebraska prairie lands called RiverBend. With mixes of celebration, sorrow and calamity you will learn facets of God’s truth while witnessing a steadfast love for God that the Thorensen’s had.

Jan Thorensen would always follow the leading of the Lord and as his life unfolds it will warm your heart how the Lord entrusts him to father beyond his children and build community while mending broken hearts. Author Vikki Kestell I rate as fantastic in her ability to engage the reader in the plot and skillfully craft the rough changes of life without leaving the reader to feel there is no hope.

Fire, deaths and tragedies would shake the community to the core but God’s strong Sovereign hand will bleed hope into the reader to realize that our God operates out of love and purpose. In the circumstances of your own life, especially if wronged, you will be challenged to look to the Word for your attitude and response. Serving the Lord, you will see, is not void of heartache and loss. The rewards however as evidenced in this book, is that God provides peace and direction to those willing to call upon Him. Too, you will better understand that wrongful overt character assassination may have roots stemming from past issues never resolved.

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Title deleted, read below to see why:

Blurb: “A box of tissues should be included in the purchase price of this book…. I finished … in a matter of hours, but I’ve no doubt the read and the lessons imparted through Sophie’s story will stay with me… probably forever. …. an incredibly poignant and unbelievably gripping novel, deserving Romance Junkies’ highest rating.”
FIVE BLUE RIBBONS – Chris at Romance Junkies

A deeply emotional tale about…. a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter’s unexpected illness and her husband’s shocking affair. When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake. There, in the cold dark depths of the water, a profound and extraordinary experience unlocks the surprising secrets from Sophie’s past, and teaches her what it means to truly live…and love.

Full of surprising twists and turns and a near-death experience that will leave you breathless, this story is not to be missed.”

BUT STOP!! I was all set to unabashedly recommend this book- after all, it’s listed as Christian fiction, and it has over a thousand five star reviews, and the glowing blurbs above! And then I looked at the negative reviews, and found this:

“Wish I would have known
that this was a life after death, outer body experience type of book. I would have never picked it up. I got into the story, which at times was a tad unbelievable, and then BAM!,surprise, the characters are somewhere between life and death or something like that. I was put off when the mother was telling the details of her romantic relationships to her long lost daughter. It felt as if she were telling us, the reader, the story not her daughter. There was too much information shared for it to be a mother daughter conversation in my opinion. I tried to finish the book once the afterlife theme was revealed, to see it to the end, but it was just too much for me to bear. Talking o the dead is not my cup of tea. I am glad that this was free. I will be deleting this as well as book number five that was a freebie as well.”

Sigh. So frustrating when this happens.

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A Second Chance at Love: A Chance Encounter

Blurb: “Vanessa Cook, a Registered Nurse at UAB Hospital, was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She was a devoted Christian and an active member of her church, until a tragic car accident claimed the lives of her husband of 15 years, children, and the growing fetus inside her. Due to unimaginable pain and grief, she lost her way; turning her back on the church and God. After three years, she wondered if she would ever gain the life she once had and the peace that came with it.

Anthony Harvey, a South Carolina native and ex-cop, lost his wife of 15 years to breast cancer. Unable to cope with the illness, his life begin spiraling out of control. Alcohol became his only means to cope. But after years of torture and torment from his addiction, he saw the light and gave his life to Christ.

Searching for a fresh start, Anthony found himself in Birmingham, Alabama. An unfortunate construction site accident threatened his life, which brought him to the UAB Hospital. There he encounters widowed nurse, Vanessa. Through her own pain and brokenness, she has to help him regain his strength. Will their lives become entangled in each other, or will their pain keep them from A Second Chance at Love.”

There are five three star and below reviews, and every one of them say the same thing- there are too many grammatical errors. Usually, I won’t list a book like that, because I find it too distracting myself. I am making an exception in this case because they all also said that the story and characters were great. Several of them said that ordinarily, they quit reading for poor grammar, but in this case, they just worked to overlook them because the plot and story telling were worth it. They all hope Mrs. Wright gets a better editor next time, though.

There are 9 five star reviews, and 2 four star. Not to be snarky, but the positive reviews mostly had pretty awful grammar or spelling of their own, which might be why the grammar issues did not bother them. For instance:

“Vanessa and Tony is two broken people that lost someone special in there life. I hope Vanessa and Tony be together and she love his girls like her own. Can’t wait for part 2”

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The Gates Of Trevalyan

Family. Faith. Love. War. The Gates of Trevalyan brings the turbulent years before, during and after the Civil War to vivid and passionate life. Trevalyan, the beautiful central-Georgia plantation where idealistic young Jenny Mobley and aristocratic Charles King marry and build a life together, becomes a symbol of the heartache and division brought by the nation’s bitter wounds.

Author Jacquelyn Cook weaves the King family’s story into a tapestry featuring the most compelling figures of the time–from charismatic statesman Alexander Stephens and his doomed love for Elizabeth Craig to Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis and many others. Richly detailed and intensely researched, THE GATES OF TREVALYAN breathes the spirit of great storytelling into a fascinating historical era.

Based on negative reviews (it has mostly positive), the historical side of this historical fiction book can be a bit dry and longwinded.

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Mother’s Remedies Over One Thousand Tried and Tested Remedies from Mothers of the United States and Canada

Published in 1915, so…

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The Daniel Sugar Diet Cookbook: Get Rid of Sugar Fat & Reduce Blood Pressure in 21 DAYS!

Diabetes – Insulin levels decreased by 23%, High Blood Pressure – Improved/Normal
Body – No More Toxins
Cholesterol Level – Lowered
Energy – Increased significantly
Weight Loss – Significant
˃˃˃ What Do All of These Positive Results Have In Common???
They are all the common results that people experience after completing the Daniel Sugar Diet!

˃˃˃ What is the Daniel Sugar Diet you ask???
The Daniel Sugar Diet was developed from the very successful and effective, the Daniel Fast. This particular fast is a partial fast, where participants consume a restricted diet. We use the power and successful techniques of the Daniel Fast and combine it with recipes that specifically cater to individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This combination releases the effective power of both techniques which provides each individual with amazing life changing results.

˃˃˃ This book has over 31 UNIQUE RECIPES as you go through your 21 day diet/fast so you can stay motivated and not get bored eating the same foods all the time like other restricted diets.

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Natural Antibiotics And Antivirals For Beginners: A Simple Guide To Homemade, Natural Healing And Herbal Medicine

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The Adrenal Fatigue Cure: How To Diagnose And Overcome This 21st Century Syndrome (Stress, Anxiety, Hormones, Belly Fat, Diet,How, Health, Restore, Natural, … (The Doctor’s Smarter Self Healing Series)

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Bartleby and James: Edwardian Steampunk Chronicle (Galvanic Century Book 1)

Four short stories, a sort of Steampunk Sherlock and Watson duo

book shelf border small

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