Climate Change

It’s not science, it’s politics:

“…what drove 2 degrees was a political movement. All this multidimensionality and complexity of the real science of climate impacts was really inconvenient for activists who, understandably, were trying to get governments to stop dawdling. And it is out of that pressure—the desire for simple, single numbers that could be used to drive climate policy that 2 degrees emerged. First in Europe because Europe was doing more on climate policy than any other region in the world. And then, mainly with European and nongovernmental organization pressure, the goal was spread via the G8 and eventually the UNFCCC into other parts of the world as well. We were allowed 10 citations for the whole article. We spent one of those citations (our reference 3) on a short essay that documents this political origin. We purposely did NOT cite the huge scientific literature that has, ex post, been used to justify 2 degrees because when you look back on that history it isn’t the science that drove this and any serious look at the science points to the fact that there are multiple possible goals. The science was broadly consistent with goals like 2 degrees, but it was broadly consistent with lots of other goals as well. But what really drove the adoption of 2 degrees was the desire for a simple “tote board” number that could be used to drive policy. ”

More here, and note that the challenge to the 2 degree policy pursuit comes from scientitist sympathetic to the cause of mitigating alleged global warming..


That drought in California is almost as bad as it was in 1923. 

Well, this is awkward: Global Warming ‘Pause’ or Standstill extends to over 18 years – ‘Pause’ has ‘endured for a little over half the satellite temperature record’

There was a time when climate alarmists insisted the pause was nonexistent or meaningless until it had been at least 17 years. Well?

The missing heat is still missing- turns out the ocean hasn’t warmed since 2005.

The ‘pause’ is now as long as half of the satellite record.  



New excuses from the alarmists, since the alarmist predictions now should have come to pass, children who were infants when they were made are now old enough to vote, and we still aren’t seeing them:  We weren’t lying.  We were oversimplifying.

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