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Connection Between Gut Health and Mental Health

An acquaintance of mine is doing Whole30.  She’s about halfway through. Totally unrelated to the Whole30 plan, she had also been dealing with some anxiety issues and her doctor had told her that it sounded like she might have PTSD, and he wanted her to see a therapist.  She still intends to do that, but […]

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Fall Border to Colour

The poem is by our old friend ‘anonymous.’ I found it and the border in volume 21 of a magazine called School Education, published in 1902. You could adjust the side of the border to make name tags for guests, or cut it into strips and paste onto paper cups with names on them for […]

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Free Kindle Reads

East Lynne Published in the 19th century, reminds me a bit of Wilkie Collins. Here’s an extract: “In an easy-chair of the spacious and handsome library of his town-house, sat William, Earl of Mount Severn. His hair was gray, the smoothness of his expansive brow was defaced by premature wrinkles, and his once attractive face […]

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Therapy Update

I met with the new therapist yesterday, and overall it was pretty amazing.  I don’t think I can begin to describe the amazing parts. Even though, or perhaps because, the amazing parts were the better and greater part of the therapy, I’ll start with the less than amazing, because I found it amusing. I am […]

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Gov’t Doubling Down On Anti-Fat Nonsense

Granny Tea made an absolutely marvelous butternut squash soup the other night. I had butternut squash, sweet potato, chicken broth, onion, whole cream, a bit of milk and a couple other ingredients. It was incredibly delicious. We all raved, and asked her for the recipe. She admitted it was tasty, but sighed, “It’s not very […]

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