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  • IRS Commish: ‘Whenever we can, we follow the law.”  This is part of his testimony before Congress!
  • Feeling frustrated by the GOP?  Feel like the establishment is deliberately squelching the voices of the peons who have to live with the rules they make at home?  You should really read and listen to this and do some hard thinking, some reflecting, some comparisons.  Very useful, from somebody who is pretty much in that same place. 
  • No bias in the media at all, is there?  Jay Carney, recently Obama’s liar in chief, I mean, um, spokesman, is now a political analyst at CNN. It’s a ridiculous joke to pretend that the main networks are not essentially arms of the Democrat party.
  • You’re just not even going to believe the verbal gymnastics the IG used to clear the VA of causing deaths by their unconscionable delays.  Basically, if you bled to death while waiting six weeks to see a doctor, by the IG’s methodology, that six week wait had nothing to do with your cause of death.  Bleeding out is your cause of death.  If you have an infection and you are on the secret VA waiting list for three months, by which time you died of that infection, then according to Obama’s IG the VA did not contribute to your death. You died of the infection, which had nothing to do with the VA.  NOBODY in the industry calculates things like this. 
  • Obama’s Whitehouse lied to us for years about how bad things were in Iraq.  
  • I am a 14 year old Yazidi girl who was given as a gift to an ISIS commander- here’s how I escaped. 
  • Fantastic: 900 Doctors confirm abortion is not necessary to save the life of the mother

From the link: “Unveiled at the International Symposium on Maternal Healthcare in Dublin, Ireland, the Declaration states: “As experienced practitioners and researchers in obstetrics and gynaecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn child – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman.

“We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion, and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of life of her unborn child.

“We confirm that the prohibition of abortion does not affect, in any way, the availability of optimal care to pregnant women.”

Signatory Dr. Eoghan de Faoite told LifeSiteNews there is a fundamental difference between life saving treatment a woman may need during pregnancy, and abortion, which is the direct and intentional taking of the life of the unborn child.”  More here:

  • Cool: Watch this barn raising, an Amish barn raising.
  • Outrageous: A Holder Aide made a phone call to a friendly politician’s office, asking them to leak documents to help Holden and other Democrats get ahead of IRS story.  Only he dialed the wrong number:

From the article: “Remember, it is Obama’s and Holder’s position that the Department of Justice is not compromised in this matter and can investigate IRS wrongdoing itself, without need of a Special Prosecutor.

  • It just so happens that the DoJ is coordinating with Democratic Congressmen to arrange selective leaks in order to spin the story for the country.”
  • The Walker investigation in Wisconsin may well have been spurred on by an irrelevantly angry District Attorney- why was he angry?  His wife is a major Union player and Walker’s reforms made her cry.  Not joking.  Talk about abuse of authority.  Sheesh.

He says not, by the way, but his denial lacks conviction and details:

“Were there blue fist signs in the office and other expressions of support for unions and antagonism to Walker? What was the extent of participation in the protests? Did Chisholm speak openly about his wife’s feelings in the context of the case? Taylor’s article created a strong motivation to respond on that level, and neither Chisholm nor his lawyer provided that response.”

His girlfriend (now wife) thinks it’s the media that ruined her life. She also apologized for ‘her part’ in getting herself punched unconscious and then unceremoniously dragged out of the elevator by a man who showed no remorse or even basic concern until a passerby showed up to witness his behavior.

To really get the full effect, you have to read the above link, and then read one of my posts about the politics in the 1940 book Magic Inc, by Heinlein.  I mean, it’d be better to read his book for yourself. But in case you can’t.

  • I have an opinion on the Scottish Independence movement, but I haven’t shared it before because it’s not my country, I don’t see what it has to do with me, and mostly, to be shockingly honest, when it comes right down to it,  this is the primary basis for my opinion:

But this is an interesting read and watch (there’s a video or two), about the propaganda in the media on the Scottish Independence movement. 



  • Esoterica (at least for here):

Out of all of our readers, I figure probably two of you care anything at all about ‘gamer-gate,’ and anyway, anybody who does care enough about it to know what it is already has better resources than I do.  But it’s my blog and I talk about stuff that interests me, so here we go (possible language warning, and also, you may need to know that ‘doxxing’ is outing somebody’s private information):

I thought this explanation was about as fairminded as any I saw.

I think the I am not your shield kickback from gamers is pretty cool.

This post by the guy who inadvertently ‘started’ it is pretty interesting to read.

A group called Fine Young Capitalists had an interview in APGNation, which probably won’t make any sense to anybody who isn’t a gamer or who has not read at least the first link in the above list.

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