The Israeli Refugees

In 1945, nearly a million Jews were living in Arab countries and Iran, and had been there for millenia. They were forced out of thier homes.

Below is a screenshot from the end of the film. The numbers represent the number of Jews living in each country: Jews living in Arab countries
However, according to Wikipedia, “The current Jewish population of Iran is 8,756 according to the most recent Iranian census.”

About half the Israel population are refugees or the children of refugees from Arab countries and Iran, displaced by the hostilities against them in the forties and fifties. They left behind nearly everything they owned, in lands they had inhabited for a thousand years and more (in Iran, closer to 3,000 years), arriving in Israel with the clothes on their backs.

The anti-semitism of the 1930s is back, not that it ever really went away. It just festered. Now it’s out, and it’s raging. Roger Simon writes:

Now I am not that naive that I didn’t see this coming. A decade ago, I was in Paris to research a novel I never wrote and was taken to the bainlieu, witnessing firsthand Muslim neighborhoods seething with more hate than anything I had seen on trips to Cairo or even Jenin. The initials NTMJ were scrawled everywhere (short for “nique ta mere, juif” – fuck your mother, Jew). I was aware that “juif” in those Paris suburbs had become a curse word for anything from a broken fountain pen to a lost subway pass.

But I was not prepared for the way the angry curses of the so-called Arab street would be taken up with such alacrity as they are now by the very people who had marched the Jews into the camps in the first place, the Europeans. They include, it now seems, some of the extreme right of old but even more of today’s radical left and supposed center.

Even in America, anti-Semitism is making a dramatic comeback with the Democratic Party (not the Republicans, thankfully, so far), now split between blaming Israel and the Palestinians/Hamas for the current Gaza War, even though hardly any of these self-described “liberals” could begin to debate the obvious truth spoken by Benyamin Netanyahu: “If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel.”

We live in scoundrel times indeed with our government, via its secretary of State, seeking the advice and counsel of Qatar, the very state most responsible for financing the building of the Hamas terror tunnels, at least the part of the financing that was not contributed, covertly or otherwise, by the United Nations. That international organization cried crocodile tears for the impoverished Gazans’ need for more concrete (to murder Jews, as it turns out) while Hamas’ missiles miraculously turn up in UN schools, making murdering Jews yet more simple and convenient.

And then our State Department and presidential advisers like Valerie Jarrett admonish Israel for using excessive force to attack these missiles and launchers hidden in UN facilities when they know full well the IDF is the only army in the history of the world to make such serious efforts NOT to harm civilians. No other is even close.

Yes, we are in a new version of the 1930s with the armageddon of the ’40s around the corner.

Two years ago the Democrat Party removed language from their platform requiring Hamas to renounce terrorism and recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Democrat Beto O’Rourke considers the Iron Dome, a purely defensive technology, to be an ‘atrocity.’

“ISIS just released a video showing what they claim are Iraq’s Army POWs captured by ISIS, driven away in truck loads and then shot them all dead. The video caption stated that there were 1,500 individuals. The video shows their end being shot at point blank in several horrific mass slaughters reminiscent to what we see during Nazi Germany. The young teens begged for their lives as they were made to curse Al-Maliki but to no avail while they were forced to chant “long live the Muslim nation”. were the first to discover the video:…

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  1. Rachel
    Posted August 3, 2014 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    My community is from Egypt. They were forced out in the 60’s. There are now no Jews in Egypt. There was an Egyptian movie called “Habib, Cohen, and Moros.” Moros is a Christian surname. Egyptian Jews sometimes joke that now it’s “Habib and Moros,” and soon it will be just “Habib.” But it’s not a joke, and everyone knows it. The only thing surprising in my synagogue about the treatment of Arab Christians is that anyone is surprised. It’s been coming for decades.

    If you want more information on the history of Middle a Eastern Jewish communities, I highly recommend writings and materials from JIMENA.

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