Mellowing Out To These Tunes

One in English, one Korean.

First, the Korean:

His voice is like melted chocolate gently wrapping my bones. Ordinarily 크러쉬 (Crush, the young man singing) is a hip hop rapper. I am not averse to K-pop rap and hip-hop at all (hello, TOP and Taeyang), but I went and looked for more of his stuff, and mostly, it’s just not my thing.
I first heard this about three weeks ago- it’s part of the BGM and OST (background music, original soundtrack) to one of the K-dramas I’m watching. It’s Okay, That’s Love is probably not one most of you would show your kids- there’s more frank discussion of intimate relations and adult topics than usual for a K-Drama. But for me it’s been a very timely drama as it’s about head doctors and all kinds of mental illness and disorders. We haven’t seen any labeled PTSD yet, but we’ve seen depression, schizophrenia, trauma resulting from child abuse, Tourette’s syndrome, and others, and, unusually in a K-drama, handled with sensitivity and grace- and a fabulous soundtrack.

Here’s one of the English songs from the drama’s BGM:

I love the harmonies and gentle tune here on its own merits.  Family of the Year (the band) are an indie band that have been pretty wildly successful, and not just in the USA.

This tune is particularly poignant in the drama as it’s generally used as the BGM for a character who has been in jail for years, since he was just barely 21, for the killing of an abusive stepfather who regularly beat the younger brother.
“So, let me go.
I don’t wanta be your hero.’

Meanwhile, his younger brother has gone on to have a successful life (to all outside appearances). Nearing the end of his prison term, the older brother starts having nightmares of the stepfather’s death, and he claims he didn’t kill their stepfather, it was the little brother all along, and it’s the little brother who is the bad guy who fools everybody else into thinking he’s the good guy.

‘….Your masquerade
I don’t want to be part of your parade…’

Did he or didn’t he? Who’s right? We drama fans don’t know, that’s why we keep watching.

Well, that, and the rich soundtrack.

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