Holder’s DOJ Investigates Tiny Parade Float Which Mocks Obama, Ignores Fast & Furious, IRS crimes, VA Scandal

This threatening parade float fit on the bed of a pick-up truck.  It consisted of a zombie mannequin in overalls and an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”

In spite of the overalls Nebraska, overalls, hello?  When is the last time you saw the President in over-alls?) , it seems a number of people think Obama looks like a zombie and somehow their perception that the President they love looks like a Zombie somehow made the mannequin racist and a significant enough threat that the DOJ sent somebody to investigate this ‘discrimination.’  The NAACP got involved.  The Democrat party in NE said it was the most disrespectful thing, like, ever.

Remember the guy who hung Palin in effigy for Hallowe’en? 

Remember the actual death threats against Bush at leftist protests?

There was the Obama rally featuring a guillotine and severed heads, including one of Bush.

Or all of these, including Bush’s face as a shooting target for children.

But no, an outhouse labeled presidential library and a zombie is the most racist and disrespectful thing ever.

Farmer and Veteran Dale Remmich created the float, and he said the mannequin represents himself, not the President (duh, the overalls!), and he is voicing his displeasure over the VA and Bergdahl scandals.  The VA Scandal, you know, the one where real human beings who served their country died while stuck on secret waiting lists as the people who created the secret waiting lists gave each other high fives and job-well-done bonuses, punished whistleblowers, and Holder still isn’t investigating anything at all about it.

Incidentally, not only was the green mannequin in overalls, it had a walker.  Like Remmich or his 3 VA friends who are being maltreated by the VA right now might need someday.

Obama parade float

Inside the outhouse there are a few newspaper articles pasted to the walls (you can see them on the video here). I couldn’t see them clearly enough to read them, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that they had to do with the VA or Bergdahl scandals.

More about this scandalous parade float here and here.

The float, Remmich said, was intended to be political satire, but probably is more expressive of political outrage. I think it’s political satire, and the outhouse as presidential library for the least transparent administration in history is pretty clever satire at that.  But the DOJ’s response is a scandal, particularly in light of all the real crimes Holder refuses to investigate.

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