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A slice of history

Excerpt from an article in the 1919 edition of a magazine for ‘the kindergartener,’ as at the time the kindergarten was a progressive social and political movement as much as it was an educational one. The article is titled The Retardation of the Foreign Woman, and it is written By Dr Caroline Hedger of Chicago. […]

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Craft Project: Make a Swing for a Paper Doll

From The Kindergarten and First Grade, Volume 4, published in 1919 I found it at Googlebooks

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Three Good Reads

Good read on essential oils: our primary concerns are as follows: (1) We are concerned when essential oils (or other alternative treatments) are marketed as having spiritual benefits that should only be ascribed to God; (2) We desire to give clear warnings that the alternative treatment industry, on the whole, is almost entirely unregulated, and […]

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Leslie Charteris (The Saint) Mysteries, 1.99 at Amazon

For the next little bit, Amazon has some nice mystery selections for just 1.99 per e-book. This link should work: 200 Mysteries, 1.99 each If not, search for Leslie Charteris (The Saint books)

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Murphy’s Law For Mothers

Door bells and telephone bells seem to have a sympathetic connection. When one rings, the other almost always will ring too. IF you are still in pajamas, the probability of both ringing at the same time increases by a factor of fifty. Likewise, those mornings you sleep in late after going to bed leaving the […]

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